Why are my lady parts feeling this way???

Hello :slight_smile: boring little (massive essay actually!) bit about me;

Been having problems with random bleeding, discharge, back pain and swelling of ‘my area’ for about 12 months.

In October I finally got the courage to see the doctor who said all looked fine, including my cervix, tested for infections all clear no problems there.

In November I went for my smear (second one ever - i’m 28) and the nurse commented that my cervix was swollen and inflamed. Was extremely painful when she carried it out and I bled a fair bit.

Results came back inadequate, went for a repeat a couple of weeks ago. Nurse said it looked even worse than the last time. She called the doctor in to show him how much worse my cervix looked compared with October when he had said it looked fine. It was “fragile looking, swollen and red and bled on contact”. Smear couldnt be carried out. The doctor said to me “i’m just being honest, it might be cancer” and referred me for a colposcopy.

Got the appoinment for a few days later. The consultant said nothing to me as she carried it out, only to ask if she could take biopsies of which she took five.

Now, i’m not obsessing over the doctors words. Its not going to be cancer.
My issue is with this heavy, dragging feeling in my lower tummy. I feel so much pressure. Awful as it sounds it also feels as though my lady parts and my bottom are going to fall out! It’s accompanied with shooting pains in my pelvis and down my leg and it’s driving me insane!
Could it be something to do with the biopsy? An infection perhaps? Any advice or anything would be greatly appreciated at this point.
Thank you for your time you beautiful bunch of people <3

Hi Veronica

I certainly had a pain and heavy feeling in my lower back and down my legs after my biopsies (they only took 2 from me, so I imagine your pain could be worse).  I would say though, if you're in any doubt at all, or not sure about what's going on, or if it lasts more than a couple of days and/or the discharge starts to smell bad, then get back to the GP straight away as it might be a sign of infection.

Sending loads of love for a full and swift recovery lovely! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

It's reassuring to know that you had similar feelings. I will keep an eye on things and hopefully I just have a bit more healing to do then things will settle down. 

Thank you so much for your reply and kind words :) xxxxxxx