new. should i be worried..

Hi im amy im 22 mother if one.. So a few months ago i started with very bad low back pain. I was diagnosed with a uti then a kidney infection My doctors thoughr i had a kidney stones and referred me for a ct scan.. But since then i started bleeding everyday for around 3 weeks and it would calm down then sex would trigger it all over again. Ive also been constipated, lost half a stone. Have NO energy ehats so ever the smallest of tasks seems so much to do. The blow back ache is horrible and usually accompied with hip and groin pain like pressure. And period type cramps. I went to my gp this morning and told her all my symtoms. She looked at my cervix said they was nothing that made her worry but because of all the symtoms i have to have a urgent gyno app and will be seen within 2 weeks..


Should i be worried? 

What was everyone elses symtoms i havent bled for 4 days now


Hi Amy,


I don't have any further advice for you as I am in the same position and awaiting my hospital appointment on Tuesday. See my post "symptoms & colposcopy 23rd" I think our symptoms are similar. 

The wait it really hard going especially as all sorts of things start running through your head! But the ladies on here are all so supportive and helpful and I'm sure someone will be along soon to ease your worries as I would tell you to try and keep busy like other ladies have told me but I'd be hypocritical as I'm a nervous wreck lol! I think its the fear of the unknown that's hard.

Hope all goes well for you when you get your appointment, let us know how it goes,



that is very disappointed but God willing you will be cured

Hi Amy,

Sorry this forum doesn't move quite as quickly as some, you'll need to get used to that. Just because you don't get an answer after three hours doesn't mean we're not talking to you, it probably just means we're fixing our tea or something. I'm on here for about an hour every morning, which is quite a lot, some women pop in much less often than that I believe, so you'll need to be patient before you get fed up OK?

Worrying is never a proactive course of action, so if you aren't worried now, then there's no need to start just because somebody says so. Usually here it's the other way around, people getting themselves awfully worried about very little.

So you have a gynae appointment in a couple of weeks, have you had your CT scan already? Is the gynae appointment to discuss the results of the CT scan? There is another thread on here just a couple of days old asking us what our symptioms were so if you can find that you will find a lot of us have already just answered that question.

Both of you please let us know how you get on.

Be lucky



If the doctor can't see anything then it is more than likely your symptoms are something else. Try not to worry.

Molly x