Does it hurt?

Tomorrow is finally the day I go to get a Colposcopy done. I am really nervous not because I think it's  Cc, but because it might actually hurt. ? If it hurts what does it feel like? I also didn't do well with the smear test so...Also what exactly should I do to prepare for this test?

Hi Kara

I was so scared when I went for mine thinking it was going to be painful but my smear was actually worse. Slight discomfort but not painful. If you're really nervous then ask if you can have some gas and air. I was offered this at mine and it really made me relax.

hope you get on ok xx

What's gas and air if you don't mind me asking?

Hello gas and air is an anaesthetic women are sometimes given in childbirth. It is inhaled & kills the pain but you are still conscious. It would probably be unwise to drive after you have had it! The best thing to do if you are worried about pain is to phone the clinic & let them know and ask their advice. Some women take paracetamol before going for a smear test. I have to say I found the colposcopy more uncomfortable than painful and less uncomfortable than some smears I have had. Colposcopists are experts in their field and used to putting women at ease. There will be nurses there to help you through it and help you to relax. They will keep you talking and distract you. They did say I coped well with it; after giving birth to a breech baby many years ago I think I have quite a high pain threshold. I know it's easier said than done but the more you relax the less uncomfortable it will be. Try to focus on the fact that it is to help you to look after your health. Jo's helpline is also a good source of support if you're worried  but if you let the clinic staff know you're worried it will help you. I have to say it is normal to feel worried about it but I found it less difficult than I had anticipated.

Hope this helps


Yes that does help thank you. 

Good luck tomorrow and let us know how you got on..

try to have a good evening in the sunshine


The procedure was actually today. I wrote the post yesterday. I lived lol. At first I was fine, but an hour later the cramping started.  I am at my boyfriend's house now resting. Until he takes me home this evening.  To be honest kind of scared to be home alone.