First colposcopy


i have my first colposcopy the end of next month and I am completely panicking about it! I had my first smear Done last month and found it extremely paInful! Does any one know if it can be done under general anesthetic? 


Hi Laura,

I don't think they would do the colposcopy under ga but I might be wrong. I remember at my first abnormal smear I'd found the smear very painful and was dreading the colposcopy so my doctor gave me some valium to help me relax. In the end I didn't take the valium but took a painkiller a couple of hours before I went in and I found it a lot easier than the smear had been. I'd say tell your doc how your feeling and he might prescribe something to take on the day to help. And telling you to relax is easier said than done but it really does help if you concentrate on relaxing your legs (wriggling your toes sometimes works) The colposcopy is no worse than the smear it just takes a bit longer, the camera they use to look at your cervix stays outside of you. Good luck with it.


I have had many smears and colposcopies over the last few years, and each one has been a different experience.  I personally find the colposcopies a lot less painful than the routine smears, I guess it is because I get my smears at the G.P's where they do it less regularly and do not have the beds with stirups. 

If you found the first one very painful, then they may need to use a different sized speculum. My friend used to find them very painful, but since they used a smaller speculum she has found them a doddle. 

GA is a big toll on your body, and if you can manage by taking painkillers and deep breathing then I would definately recommend that.  

All the best, 

Hi Laura

I would echo the comments above.

My colposcopies have been less uncomfortable than smears so try not to worry too much.

Hope all goes well for you x