Its just so painful????

Hi there, 

I've recently had a smear and a colposcopy and it was extremely painful for me. I was really nervous before I went in, despite having it done before, but I just wondered if anyone had any ideas to get me thru the pain. I know its not for long, but I'm not very good with pain and had terrible shakes afterwards. 


Hi Saraberry,

I have prescription co-codamol for period pains which I took before my first colposcopy yesterday (hoping to numb the pain pre-emptively and also make me feel a bit distant). I don't have anything to compare it with to say it helped but I was ok with it, much more comfortable than any smear I've had. By the end my legs were shaking but the nurse said it's completely normal.

I also read on here a tip to relax being to relax your belly and put your hands on it...did the trick for me too when I was getting a bit anxious.

I totally dread smears as I have an awkwardly placed cervix but the consultant doing the colposcopy was a million times better with it.


Hope that helps xx


It does thank you. I might speak to my doctor and ask if he can prescribe me co-codamal or a stronger pain killer than paracetamol. I dread smears too, they're extremely painful for me and my colposcopy on Tuesday was terrible, I couldn't stop shaking. 

Thanks for your help xx