New here

Is this site only for those in the UK? I am having a hard time finding information that is and will make me feel better. Recently I had a pap and it came back abnormal and they have scheduled me for a colposcopy and I am terrified that it is going to hurt. I hear from many that it is just going to be uncomfortable. Uncomfortable/painful or uncomfortable as in odd feeling? I am terrified that it is going to hurt and all too much and then have to deal with the discomfort following. Any information or help that can be provided would be great. :slight_smile:

Hi Jennelle

Yeah, we're probably mostly Brits but everyone's welcome :-) The colposcopy doesn't hurt, don't worry. I'd say it just feels pretty wierd because you've got someone touching your cervix an no-one normally does that, so it feels strange of course, but it doesnt hurt. The doctor will dab some solutions on your cervix which highlight any abnormal cells. Then they might take some biopsies if they need to confirm the severity of the abnormalities via lab results. I didnt feel the biopsies at all (my doctor told me to cough as she took them, and oddly that stops you feeling it!) but some people have said that they felt a 'pinch'.

I didnt have any discomfort after the colposcopy. I went back to work afterwards and was fine. I'm sure you'll be OK hun

I found reading other people's stories helped, so that might be good for you too, as long as it doesnt make you worry more. I personally felt more in control once I knew what to expect

good luck, and hope it all goes smoothly


Thanks!! I went in for my colposcopy and they said the outside looked good and not abnormal. He told me that he wanted to scrap cells off and retest. So I thought off that they were going to do the same test but a little different. Apparently he scrapped the inside instead and found the cells on the inside to be a high squamous instead of low as the outside seemed to be. Now they want me to do a cone biopsy. I don't want to be put to sleep. And out of curiosity I know you can have a false positive abnormal test. Can you have an false positive on the cells that come back hih or no? If they find precancerous cells which they said they did what are they biopsying?