Do you know if you are HPV positive?

Hello everyone,


Im just wondering if anyone knows if they're HPV positive ( which strength ) or negative? I'm also part of another cervical cancer website ( seems to be more popular in USA ) and everyoneis very interested in what type ofvirus has causing the dysphasia, talking about diet and all sort of things. 


So I called my colposcopy clinic and asked if they had tested me for HPV virus ( 90% of the cases the person is infected ) and they said that in my case they haven't tested me because I was already diagnosed CIN3, also I understood that they will testing when the person show CIN1 then depending of the strength they would keep an eye in thatpatient.


JUST WONDERING IF has anyone asked your own gyn/Dr about this? I've seen quite few women that even after the Hysterectomy the dysphasia start in the wall of the vagina (VAIN) which made me fear about my possible future.


Sorry for long post and thanks for sharing your experience! 

I know that Im HPV + I found out when I had my Pap (smear) test. I presume as I have abnormalities that its either strain 16 or 18. Whether I can get rid of it I dont know. Some people fight it off some people have the virus lie dormant within their bodies. I'm hoping with giving up smoking and eating healthy etc that my immune system will fight it off. Watch this space....

PS I dont know what dysphasia is Im afraid

I haven't a clue I'm afraid but all good questions! 

I asked my consultant at the time and he said they hadn't bothered to test me as the only real difference it makes to them is to determine the regularity of your check ups (if you are negative and your treatment seems to have been effective then they wouldn't need to call you back as soon)...but as mine was adenocarcinoma it's more unpredictable and so my check us would need to be regular regardless of my HPV status. They also said that in 90% of people who are positive but have some form of treatment (eg LLeTz) that gives your immune system a kick (in healing itself after the procendure) and it gets the HPV out of your system X