Discrepancy between Smear & Lletz results - worried!

Hi all

My story - December 2020 Smear done

Jan 21st 2021 Letter came through saying smear results were High Grade Severe Dyskaryosis & HPV+

Colposcopy on 25th Jan (got in sooner due to severe anxiety) and could see the abnormal cells on the screen & doc said he was sure it wasn't cancer & just what the smear test said. Removed with Lletz there and then. 10mm was removed

11th Feb Doc rang & said that the Lletz had come back as only CIN1 with clear margins. To be seen by my GP in 6 months for another smear


At first I was elated, however now I am panicking again. Could the Lletz have missed something further up that the smear picked up? Could this be because he didn't go deep enough, but then why were the margins clear?

Has anybody else experienced this? Thanks so much x


I'm in the same boat. I rang up 6 weeks after my LLETZ( had the procedure on 15th December and rang up about 2 weeks ago) as I hadn't herd anything and was worried. The lady on the phone told me my smear results and LLETZS results had to go to a mismatched meeting as there was a discrepen y between my smear results and my LLETZ my results showed NO CIN. My mis matched meeting was on the 10th of Feb so I'm just waiting to find out. Lady did say that it could be one of 2 things 1 my smear results were not as bad as 1st thought( positive hpv and moderate cell changes) or 2 when I had my LLETZ she did not take the tissues from my cervix deep enough. I'm suffer from anxiety too so I'm hoping they don't miss anything.

Hi I also had a discrepancy; they think the menopause may have been the cause.  They kept a very close eye on me for 10 months (see my history). Given my age (mid 50s) I suppose there was a risk cells had had a chance to grow. They were very thorough and took a belt and braces approach; I learned to be proactive and write down questions before my appointments so that I asked my own health professionals questions at my appointments since they are best placed to answer them as they know your individual circumstances best. Writing questions down helped me to avoid the situation where my mind went blank on the day. Remember the screening programme is designed to prevent cancer so chances are they will leave no stone unturned. I have informed myself of symptoms to look out for so that I know to get things checked sooner rather than later. I hope this helps!!! Take care - I know how stressful it is A x