Discrepancy between LLETZ results and biopsies

Hi Everyone,

Just wondered if anyone had a similar experience to me and had a discrepancy between their LLETZ results and previous biopsy results. 

At my first colposcopy, a biopsy was taken which showed I had CIN2 (moderate) so I was put on surveillance and needed another colposcopy in 6 months. At my second colposcopy, another biopsy was taken and this time showed that I had CIN 3 (high). This obviously showed that the abnormal changes had progressed and had reached a level of severity that required LLETZ treatment.

After 4 weeks, I recently received the results from the LLETZ procedure but they were a little odd. Thankfully, they said that the treatment was fully successful at removing the abnormal cells and they recommended a smear in 6 months. However, when they tested the removed cells they only showed CIN 1 (low), now, because of this discrepancy, my results will be looked at next month at a pathology meeting and they will update me with any changes or further advice. 

Does anyone know what I should expect the outcome of this meeting to be? 

Does a discrepancy matter if they removed all the cells anyway?

Thanks for any information or advice x 



Hello I can't really help but you are in the exact same boat as me biopsy showed cin3 but lletz showed absolutely no cin not even low level so also waiting for a meeting. It hard not knowing what is going on isn't it but hoping the meeting will clear things up for us both x


They confirmed that the results from the LLETZ, although unusual, were correct, so to go ahead with the check up smear in 6 months as planned. 

Hi Laura I have the same as you, what was your outcome?