3 different results - smear, biopsy, lletz

Hi guys,

Finally had my lletz results after 2 months! :tada: I’m wondering if anyone has had similar results to me and can help explain it a little.

My smear result was borderline, my biopsy result was cin2 and my lletz result was cin3. I know each test has varying degrees of accuracy but I can’t quite grasp how there was such a discrepancy between my smear and lletz results…

My biopsy was cin2 so I was given the choice of whether I wanted treatment or not. I chose to have lletz to get it sorted and stop worrying about it, but to think it was cin3 which I could have left alone is a bit concerning. Anyone had a similar experience with results?

Thank you! Xxx

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hi @Hol

unfortunately nobody here can really say exactly what has happened we can only speculate, even if someone has been through a similar experience as there could be a number of reasons why this may be… it could be anything from misread/misreported results too cells progressing between procedures, there should be an MDT meeting to discuss these discrepancies and find out why this has happened, this will include looking at the smear sample, the colposcopist will state what was seen at the colposcopy and they will look at the biopsy sample to determine why theres a discrepancy between all 3 procedures xx