Testing from LLETZ..?

I had biopsies taken 2 weeks ago, following a smear result of ‘borderline changes’ and HPV positive. 

The biopsy results have shown CIN 3, so I’ve been called back next week for LLETZ treatment. 

Firstly, I’m a bit confused as to why my smear only showed ‘borderline changes’ and my Biopsies showed CIN 3 - it’s gone from one extreme to the other..! Surely things can’t change that quickly? Or could one of them have been wrong..?

So I’m wondering if they usually send further samples off for testing from the LLETZ procedure too..?

When I had mine done they said CIN2...  but it came back as 3. Im guessing it was a misjudgement from the person doing the colposcopy.

It cant be a misjudgement if both results have been from laboratory tests, surely...? 

Hi, did they copy you into the GP letter? That should tell you if they're waiting for other biopsy results. Hope you're ok, I'm CIN3 / been lletz-ed too.