LLETZ results different from biopsy results


I just wondered if anyone had the LLETZ reaults come back different from colposcopy biopsy results. I am worried that the LLETZ results could come back worse than what the biopsy’s showed

Has this happened to anyone?

Any advice is greatly appreciated :)

LornaJ My colposcopy results showed CIN 2 but my LLETZ results showed CIN 3. From what my doctor said, there's actually not always a huge difference between CIN 2 and CIN 3 (despite what google images would have you believe) and depending on the pathologist analyzing the results, you can get a differing diagnosis. Which is probably why they lump Cin 2 and Cin 3 both into "severe dyskaryosis". I see you've only been diagnosed with Cin 1 and Cin 2 though, which is mild-moderate dysplasia. Try and not worry! Even if the results come back with some Cin 3 in there, there's a 90-95% chance that the LLETZ you received will be the only treatment you will ever need :)