discrepancy between smear and LLetZ

Good day! I'm a bit perplexed and wonder if anyone can help please.  I had a high grade smear test followed a colposcopy  - the result of that was "your biopsy was inadequate for assessment. In view of your referral smear and high grade colposcopy impression we will recall you to colposcopy clinic for a diagnostic loop excision."

I had the LLETZ on Oct 18th and now have received a letter saying "it did not reveal abnormal cells but in view of discrepancy between smear and loop they arer discussing my case in a colposcopy specialist routine meeting and will let me know their recommendations. I am totally confused because at both colposcopy and lletzt they told me they saw the abnormal cells. In fact the doc who did the Lletz said 'I've managed to clear all the cells". So if they were not abnormal what were they??!!  Anyone else had a similar experience? 

Hi, It’s possible when they performed the LLETZ, they didn’t go in deep enough and missed the abnormal cells. This discreptionary between the smear and the LLETZ is now up for discussion on how to proceed with you.

This sort of thing can happened, as it did with to me: smear in May showed CIN3 (high grade severe); first LLETZ showed ‘inflammation’ at 6mm; went to a MDT (multidisciplinary team) meeting, where they recommended a second LLETZ, which confirmed the smear result of CIN3 at 12mm. I found the second LLETZ much better. Perhaps I was more relaxed and knew what was going to happened. I was also perplexed and concerned how this discrepancy happened. I phoned the lead colposcopist, whom answered my questions.

They will probably recommend a second LLETZ with you too, so that they can go in deeper. I’m sure if you ring them, they will be able to explain it. Good luck!

Thank you for answering. I guess I will just have to wait and see what tehy decide!

I had the same. Smear abnormal had colposcopy  and biopsy results - no abnormal smear referring to board for discussion on how to manage my case - got letter which states high grade some glandular changes from smear - letz hpv back for repeat in May so still confused