Discomfort after Colposcopy incident

I just wanted to see how everyone’s experience was after their colposcopy appointment.
I had my first smear on 23rd of September and although abit uncomfortable it was fine.
2 weeks later, I got a letter saying hpv positive and mild dyskaryosis - colposcopy booked for following week.
The doctor didn’t exactly speak much and it was mainly the nurse distracting me from how awkward and anxious I was.
He did a punch biopsy in which I asked to see what he’d taken out which I think there was 3 or 4 small white balls of some sort
After he’s taken the cells he was using cotton wool balls to soak up blood or clean me up. Problem was, he took out the speculum thinking we were done but then had to put it back in because he’d lost a cotton wool ball and thought he’d left it inside! Ended up with a lot of moving the speculum and pretty uncomfortable!
After I’ve had some discomfort like period pains but nothing else until 2am where I’ve had some brown period? Feeling very sore, achy & dry and very bad cramps.
Is this normal? Or just due to my experience? I’m worried sick and I feel rubbish about everything!

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After my colpos, I felt very sore and subdued.

The “brown period” could well be from the wound made during the biopsy.

Sounds to me like you had a very inept doctor. Solidarity- not sure if it was a doctor or mask but mine was crummy too.

What you’ve described, in my opinion, shouldn’t be normal… but because of how much you were - ahem - banged about - during the procedure, it sounds like it could well be a side effect of that.

If it’s flowing more like a period than spotting, then I’d suggest maybe attending an urgent walk-in or even A & E

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Hi, just thought I’d message to ask how you’re doing now. Hope you’re OKish

I had cramps after my punch biopsy.

I too had brown discharge which I was told would happen because of the solution that they put onto the cervix being brown in colour.

I also had grey discharge from the silver nitrate that they put onto the cotton balls to stem the bleeding.

Everything you described sounds very normal to me.

Keep smiling and remember it’s all put in place to keep us safe.

Much love

I actually had to get an emergency appointment at my local drs 5 days after and it turns out I’d ended up with a UTI! So that explained the xtra pain. Ended up on antibiotics for 3 days which cleared up everything and I was back to normal with no spotting or anything a week after.