Discharge or period after colposcopy?

Hi everyone,

This is my first post so please be kind!I  am 29 and had my first smear test last month,;results came back as low grade changes with high risk HPV

 I was referred for a colposcopy which I has yesterday. The procedure was surprisingly relatively painless considering how painful my smear was. The nurse colpologist said thay it was likely to be grade 1 changes however she took a biopsy just to check.

After the procedure she said I might have some minor discharge for a few days. Yesterday I had next to nothing, however this morning I woke up with what I would describe as period type pains and a little bit of bleeding. My periods are not always regular,however I have had period pains this week and so I'm not sure if the bleeding is due to the biopsy or my period-is there any way of knowing?  At first the spotting seemed to be normal red color but I have noticess over the course of the day it is a lighter orangey smell with a slight metallic smell(sorry if that's tmi!).

Is it possible to have both spotting and my period after the biopsy? Is there any way of knowing?

Thanks! X


I recently had the same. They put a healing agent over if you have a biopsy, looks a bit like mustard and contains iron, which explains the metallic smell. You will probably have the majority of it come out, most likely in one go, so don't be surprised if you look like you've pooped yourself, you haven't! You'll probably continue to have little bits of it come off over the following few days :)

Hope this helps xx

I am unsure if the bleeding I am experiencing is due to the biopsy or just my period as it was  due. On the day of the procedure I had little or no bleeding, but had PMS type symptom i.e back pain and bloated/full feeling in my tummy. I woke up early on the Saturday with stomach cramps and was bleeding a little bit, throughout the day there was only a little bit of bleeding, but was a slightly orangey brown colour and smelled a little bit metallic. The next day the bleeding was heavier and more like normal period bleeding in colour and heaviness. As the week progressed it has got gradually lighter, however today again I have noticed  a orangey/brown mucous discharge which again smells quite metallic.
I am unsure if the bleeding was my period or as a result of the procedure or perhaps a little bit of both or if perhaps the biopsy brought on my period. Also if it was due to the biopsy, is it normal to still be bleeding 6 days after?

Hi, sorry for replying so late. It sounds to me like the bleeding you had was probably from both. Everybody is different, I'm a fast healer for example so didn't bleed much, but I did have the orange-metallic stuff for quite a few days afterwards. So I think that's normal. If you're worried, I think the best thing to do is call your consultant. I imagine you've stopped bleeding now? X