Discharge after colposcopy/ biopsy .. how long ?

Hi, me again ! Warning this is a bit of an icky post ! 

I posted a few days ago about a kind of discharge and passing something after a colposcopy and biopsy ( no treatment ) does anyone know how long it should last for ? Its pretty mild since the clump of tissue and paste or whatever it was - most times I wipe there's something and this morning I had like a black dishcharge , I've worn a pad so I can see there has been more . I'm not too concerned as there appears to be no bleeding or other dishcharge - just the grainy brown and as I say this morning it was black , so as this is something that has never happened to me before and it doesn't seem like there's anything else with it that I've ever seen before ( like blood , dishcharge ) I'm assuming it's all from the colposcopy and nothing to worry about but I just wanted to check with others ? It doesn't smell great but it it doesn't smell awful like you would expect with an infection it just smells odd ?  

it's been a week tomorrow since the colposcopy / biopsy - I was told it could last a few days after but it actually didn't start until a few days after x 

Hi lovely, 


I had black discharge for a while. It got worse is smell too. Started smelling like gone off cabbage, yuck!


But then it disappeared and became almost normal discharge again. I can't remember exact dates but I kept a diary of it all in my back story post. 


It's 4 weeks tomorrow for me, barely any blood at all, but still discharge x

Ive had 2 infections there (only after lletz), no smell but both caused heavy bleeding and crampy/pinching pain. I dont think I normally get what you have after colposcopies so I'm thinking it must be the punch biopsies. They may have put something on to cautetize and you're losing bits of the scab or just healing discharge. I'd expect a bit of discharge or light bleeding for a week or 2 but would expect it to be getting less x