Strange discharge after Colposcopy?????

Hey everyone, hope everyone is doing well on this wet and windy day!!

Last Friday i had a Colposcopy, the Consultant couldn't see any abnormal changes on the outside of my cervix but took a smear anyway to check for changes further up the canal (my smear isnt due till next year but had Colposcopy because i'd had abnormal bleeding etc).

I bled during the procedure, had spotting over the weekend and some browny/pink discharge since. Then this morning i had what i can only describe as a big jelly blob fall out while on the loo!! Sorry for TMI!!

It was horrid, reddy/brown and smelt really bitter :(

Has anyone else had this?

Hi there, glad your colposcopy looked clear, I had one done last week as well as LLETZ procedure and have bled continually since, the nurse told me to expect bleeding for at least 6 weeks but I do remember reading on the aftercare leaflet that if i had any lumpy clots or foul smelling discharge I should contact them.  Not sure if that applied just to the LLETZ procedure, maybe you should give them a wee call just to put your mind at ease.  Hope your ok. xx

That might be an idea then! I didn't have any treatment or bits taken out, just investigative at the moment! Hope you're doing ok after your treatment xx

Hi ShanTats30,

I had exactly the same thing 2-3 days after my colposcopy, however, I had three biopsies taken (small pieces cut away). This globby clump is apparenlty a mixture of the solution they use to stop the bleeding and the scab formed over the biopsy site/s. But you mentioned they only took a smear... Did you mean biopsy?


If you are bleeding so much and have this discharge after a smear it is def not normal. But if you had a biopsy taken it is completely normal. By the sounds of things they took biopsies to ensure there were no abnormalities.

Hope this helps.