diagnosis taken over a year

Hi, I was diagnosed oct 13 with stage 1b1 cc I RH 28/12/23 with node dissection results on 9/12/13, I feel realty let own by the doctors and hospitals as this has taken about a year to disgnose. I was admited into hospital aug/13 with a severe bleed and still they never examined my cervical which at the time had a 3.cm tumour, only found out after waiting 9 weeks for a scan then biopsy.....

Hello there.  I know how you feel as it took 16 months for them to send me for colposcopy after which the cancer was found.  I also felt very let down as I'd always gone for my smears regularly.  I only went for a smear because I'd forgotten when I'd had the last one and as it turns out I wasn't due one for 2 more years.  That smear, as I was told,  showed 'cell changes' so I was told to come back 6 months later for another one.  It too showed cell changes so  the doctor put me on 6 months internal hormone treatment. Then I had another smear which then showed abnormal cells so I was then sent for colposcopy.  Waited 2 months for the colposcopy and after the biopsies from it were done I was told I had a tumour.  All of this took from June 2011 to October 2012!!  I had to wait a further 2 months before I had surgery.  

I'm not sure who I'm angry with - the doctor or the system because apparently if you have a dodgy smear then you are asked to repeat it 6 months later; but what was the purpose of the hormone treatment?? this, I believe was the time that allowed my cancer to spread to my ovaries. Time wasted when I should have been referred much earlier for colposcopy.  I can't get that out of my head and  thats what makes me angry.  I think that after 2 dodgy smears 6 months apart I should have been sent for colposcopy.I've been told there is a 'protocol' for these things, to ensure procedures are followed and that we get the right action after the smears are carried out, especially if there's any doubt over them.

Anyway - we can rant all we like it won't change things.  I'm on the 'other side' of it now (I don't mean I'm dead, ha ha)  but the doubt still remains in my head - if only......

Its so annoying the fact that I went to docs with all symptoms ie bleeding after intercourse, abnormal periods back pain. All he said was I’ve sliped under the radar, anyhow hopefully things will be ok mon (results of LND), glad to hear your on tne other side lol regards lea

Wow. That is not good at all. I recently, in october, was told I have borderline cell changes. I was expericing  many symotoms I had onli 2 period up untill august. I had started spotting continously which gave my doctor concern hence why I had a smear done. I am 22 so it was my first ever smear test, i did not expect anything back from it. I had a biospy last month and the results came last week. They found the cells have progressed from CIN1 to CIN 3.  Since october I have been bleeding a lot every single day. It scares me.  They have called me in tomorrow for LLETZ but i wonder if after a month since the biopsy if things have progresses even further. 

Its all very emotional for me, i am glad my doctor chased this up quickly but I do understand your anger and frustration as I would feel the same if the doctor wasted so much of my time. 



I was recently diagnosed with cervicall cancer. I have a large growth on my cervix which has come down into my vagina and up into my womb and pushed into my bladder.  I also went to the doctors in January 2013 with low back pain and abnormal bleeding. But was told id pulled something and the bleeding was due to my pill. 

by May I had UTI symptoms continuously as well as back pain and heavier bleeding yet still nothing was done.  I had physio on my back with no results. Eventually in october I had a smear done and that's when the growth was found. Thankfully things have moved very quickly since as I start radical chemo and radio this Monday 16tg Dec.  I'm terrified but also looking forward to starting to kill this disease out of me.

Im still  suffering with my back pain every day it really gets me down and my bladder hurts and I have the need to wee constantly. Which stops me from sleeping. Has anyone else had these problems and any ideas on anything I can do for some relief.  Xx

Hi flemma, I dont really have advice as my situation was not the same. I had a TLRH in nov, now I need further treatment as pathology shows LVSI. I just want yo wish you look in your treatment. I’ve stopped feeling resentful about my diognstic pathway and am concentrating on looking after myself and getting through the next phase in my recovery, however when I all finished I will be DEMANDING answers as to why!! Lea xx