Diagnosed yesterday



I was diagnosed yesterday with having roughly a 6-7cm tumour, surgery has been ruled out at the  moment I have to go for a MRI then they'll discuss a treatment plan but it's looking like chemo and radiotherapy I think.


im totally numb I don't think this has hit me yet I have no pain nothing, some abnormal bleeding but that's it.


i have 2 young kids I need to live for ???



Hi Chelsea-

I am so sorry that you find yourself in this position. I too have recently been diagnosed and have my radical hysterectomy booked for next week (yikes) so I know how you are feeling right now. 
I also have 4 little ones- and everything went through my mind when I was first diagnosed. I am obviously at a different stage to you as having the surgery, but wanted to give you some reassurance- from all that I've read here (pretty much the entire forum a few times over!!) this is a really treatable cancer, with fantastic success stories. 
If it puts your mind at ease- I was so scared of my MRI- but it was absolutely fine- just relax and it's over before you know it! It's loud, and no one warned me that it can get quite warm- so be prepared for that... nothing to worry about! 

A lovely lady on here suggested headspace to me, there is a specific coping with cancer course. This has been really helpful, amazing how breathing techniques calm you. I would really suggest downloading that. 
Another piece of advice that has really helped me- don't google! The statistics and information is so out of date, and I found it all very scary. This is the best place to get your information from, from real women who have actually been through it. 
This forum has really been my saviour- I'm sure someone with a similar diagnosis will be along soon.

Sending love and positive vibes- 

Charlotte x

Did you have any symptoms Charlotte?

im in total disbelief still I don't feel unwell at all I feel great apart from this thing growing inside of me 


how long does the MRI last? 

It's the biggest shock ever! 
I didn't for one minute think I would end up with the diagnosis I got, I am 34 and felt I was in the 'invincible' years- but I did book an extremely overdue smear due to irregular bleeding. It's only since diagnosis that I have aches and pains, and I can only hope that they are due to my crippling anxiety. On this journey, I've learnt how very powerful the mind can be! 
I am genuinely the worlds biggest wimp when it comes to anything medical- proper fainter etc!! 
the mri was 30-40 minutes. I had a cannula as they put some sort of dye in your system (I really am not the most knowledgable with detail- but I think that's what it was!) and that was completely painless! Far less 'pinchy' than a blood test. You have headphones with music to drown out some of the noise, and basically just lie back. You do get a warming sensation through your body- I kept telling myself I was at the spa having some lavish beauty treatment!! It's really nothing horrendous at all- I was pleasantly surprised when I had mine, which is nice! If I can manage it, and not find it bad in any way- anyone can!!!  I had a chest X-ray straight after. 
The first few weeks are a complete whirlwind. Just trust in your medical team- another piece of advice I've been given on here- you don't actually have to do anything at all. Just turn up & breathe! 
It's easier said than done to try not to panic yourself too much- and I feel a complete hypocrite saying it- it's what I do best! But I can assure you that you are in the best hands- and this is really a very treatable cancer. 

Chelsea, I was diagnosed with a near 6cm tumor, I had no pain or discomfort at all. I had a little bit of abnormal bleeding one month before my way overdue Pap smear. And had  to wait 2 1/2 months till my colposcopy, which now I think that is crazy but that's all they had available. I just thought I had a hormone unbalance and that I just need to get back on the pill and regulate my hormones. After my Pap & in between my colposcopy I had more abnormal bleeding but still no discomfort at all. I was shocked to hear how bad it was and that I was gonna need chemo and radiation. I know it's a lot to take in right now, but the chemo rads are doable and you will get through it. If u ever have any questions feel free to ask.


How are you doing now?


im so so scared I just keep trying to put it to the back of my head ?? 


my journey started in June with a one off bleed. I had a scan and internal scan then sent for a hysteroscopy. After a mix up and conflicting info from Gynaecology I was told I had cc 5cm tumour I am stage 2A. Had MRI and CT scan then my first appointment at oncology they arranged a PET that has come back confirming not spread but 2 lymph nodes showing slightly lighter but still within normal parimaters. My treatment starts on the 21st September. 

Hi. I'm sorry that you find yourself here and I know that theres not much anyone can say to put your mind at ease BUT, just under 5 years ago (November 2015), I was diagnosed with stage 4a cervical cancer.  My tumour was 7cm (I think). 

I had chemorads and brachytherapy- everything was so much easier than i expected physically - it was hard emotionally. Nowadays I can't believe it actually happened because life if pretty much normal.

If you click on my name and read back through my posts, you'll see how scared I was at first,  how I coped with the treatment and how I came out the other end.

I posted A LOT. 

The ladies on this page have been where you are now and between us all, we have a wealth of experience.  If you need us - just post!

How long did your treatment last? I'm scared it grows even more before treatment starts.

im going back to work today for something to take my mind off this.

thanks for all your help ladies it really means a lot xx

I feared the same as I was diagnosed end of November but my treatment didn't start until beginning of January.  

Apparently this is a very slow growing cancer so rest assured that it's not growing in a way that will have a detrimental affect before your treatment start.

I was treated at a hospital in Manchester that seems to do things differently to most. My treatment was 4 weeks of radiotherapy (Monday to Friday) with both chemo and radio on Wednesday.  I had about 10 days off and then had 2 overnight stays in hospital (one week apart) when I had the brachytherapy. Most other places do 5 weeks with either 5 or 6 rounds of chemo and the brachytherapy seems to be different everywhere!

Once you get your staging you will have to have a couple of appointments before you're treatment starts to plan your radiotherapy and to have kidney function tests. It will seem like forever before it starts but once it starts, it's over quite quickly x 

Let us know how you are getting on x

Hi Chelsea

Im 35 and I was diagnosed last week and had an MRI yesterday which tbh I wasn't worried about as that's the least of my worries at the moment! 
happy to buddy up if you would like to talk to somebody. It's a truly shocking time and you just cannot prepare for it. I also have 2 children 8 and 15 so we need to fight has hard as we can to beat this. I haven't had one symptom so the smear test as basically saved my life

Thinking of you


Lauren xxx


sorry to hear this. 
I was diagnosed with sqirmus carcinoma on Thursday. I also have to have an MRI, with my over symptoms I'm fearing the worst, I also have two children. 
I completely understand how you feel.keeping fingers crossed xxx please get intouch if you'd like to chat xx


Do you have your mri date yet? 

I am still awaiting mines I am a nervous wreck x

Hi girls, so sorry you have found yourselves in this position but you've come to the right place.  

Staging is the worst time, I clearly remember beeing terrified as well. As soon as you both get your stage and treatment plan you will find you'll feel a bit better, and have more control over this hell of a ride.


I was diagnosed 2b last year and had a 4 cm tumor which had extended in my parametrium,  and therefor inoperable. Went through 6 chemos, 25 external beam radiations and 2 x 24 hour brachytherapy sessions. It wasn't easy but absolutely doable. I did not get sick, did not loose my hair, had no side effects from treatment besides feeling tired but having a 4 month old at the time could have caused that too



You got this, you can and will do this. 


Hope your keeping ok! Have you had your MRI date in yet? I am still waiting ☹️☹️ Xx

I'm dreading my MRI i am so paranoid it's spread somewhere ? how soon did you start your treatment? X

I was officially diagnosed on August 28th , got my stage 2b on September 8th, and started treatment on September 18th.


I was diagnosed completely out of the blue at my prenatal checkup , this was on August 8th and within 5 weeks  I started chemo and radiation.


They are quite fast starting your treatment. 

That's very quick!

my oncologists only meet on a Wednesday to discuss treatments so hoping my mri is before Friday so they can have my results back by next Wednesday and discuss me then or it's another week before they meet again ☹️☹️ I don't feel unwell at all im in total

shock still I think xx

Ahw I know, it really sucks doesn't it. But you'll get through this. You've come to the right place here, there are so many ladies here including me who went through the same sh*tstorm you are in and we came out okay.


You got this!

You will be in shock totally and it’s not a great place to be. I had no symptoms at all and was diagnosed following a routine smear. The consultant told me at the colposcopy he thought it was cancer, which completely threw me! The medical team get on with it and will do all the tests, give your staging and treatment plan. It’s a crazy, scary time, but once you get your results it’s easier somehow as you at least know what you are dealing with and the plan. Waiting is the worst.You  can and will do this and we are right here with you. Big hugs xxx