Diagnosed Yesterday

I was yesterday diagnosed with a non-invasive adenocarcinoma in my cervix.  It was on the surface of a polyp I had removed last month via hysteroscopy.  My consultant says it was only on the surface of the polyp and has not invaded any of the layers underneath.  He has now referred me to an oncologist, and that I will need an MRI scan and a possible hysterectomy - but he assures me that my outlook is very good, as they have caught it very early and my treatment should be all completed by the end of the month .  I'm totally devastated, I know he says my outlook is very good but I lost my Mum to breast cancer and I have all sorts going around in my head.

So sorry to hear your news, it’s really rubbish but they caught it in time which is fab. I’m sure it’s brought back a lot of awful emotions for you, but you can and will beat this!

Lots of hugs to you xxxx

Bless u. Diagnosed yesterday too. There's no way to truly describe to others how you feel, is there. 

Let me know if you find anything that helps to deal with it.

good luck x

I have screamed, cried and laughed, as looking at probably having a hysterectomy - just think no more periods my friend said.  My consultant had called me on Monday night to come in on Wednesday, I think deep down I always knew something wasn't right.  Last night was the first time I have slept in 3 nights.  I have been in work to try and keep things "normal" and they have been great, I have had several moments and the girls in my team now have a large box of tissues on their desk and now just throw them over if they see me getting upset.  My oncologist appointment is on Wednesday and I just want to get going with the treatment now and come out the other side. I feel like I have been kicked in guts, but reading this site really makes you realise you are not alone.  xx

Yes, a huge kick in the guts. Scream, shout, wail, sob, then feel a little more philosophical then do it again! 

It is the waiting, isn't it? Just want to get on with treatment.

Definitely not alone x



Well this weekend was tough, too much time to think.  Although my friend gave me some good advice - "We don't know what the future holds for any of us, you can just deal with the here and now. And this disease has met its' match in you".  

Fab piece of advice.

I have a friend who has had so many health problems over the years it makes me look wet- she is in a wheelchair with chronic ME, had endometriosis so bad she had hysterectomy 7 yrs ago (the week I found out I was pregnant...) in early 30s when she would have been a great mum (born to be one, the best TA/HLTA and aunty instead), was in an abusive marriage for years and to top it all off has so many allergies that she can only sniff my chocolate and cannot eat bread or anything with butter in it!!! And she is supporting me. Friends are fab x

. And yes, could get hit by a bus tomorrow so enjoy life! ;-)