Diagnosed on 31st March

I’ve been scanning this site for about a year or so and have recently been diagnosed with cc. I’m waiting for my MRI appointment but have an appointment to discuss the results on the 20th April.

I had 4 LLETZ and biopsies - first 3 was in 2020 then the most recent was in March ‘22. My smear was all clear in 2021.

My mom passed away in 2019 from secondary breast cancer after she was given the all clear 2 month prior. The doctors also missed the fact that it had spread to her brain.

So what I’m trying to say is that I’m a bit anxious about my results and at what stage it is as I know I shouldn’t but I have lack in trust due to what happened with my mom.

I have told a handful of friends and they all keep telling me, I’m the strongest person they know and everything will be fine but I just want to shout that sometimes I need someone to help me too!

So I thought I would look for a support system who are going through the same as what I am…!

(Sorry rant over)

Bonita, welcome to the forum - we’re sorry you’re here, because it means CC has hit you too, and no-one wants cancer. There are ladies like you on here who have received diagnoses of cancer and are waiting for staging, or the result of staging scans. You may well find a ‘cancer buddy’ here who will be able to support you particularly in your journey.

Your mum’s death must have been devastating. I’m not surprise it’s hard to trust that all due care is being taken in terms of spread. I hope the team are aware that this has happened and take every opportunity to do all the checks and scans necessary. The spread of cervical cancer, if it has spread, is not likely to be into the brain, but it could have spread to the para-aortic lymph nodes, on it’s way up the lymphatic system, or to the bladder or bowel or into the groin and pelvic nodes. All these things will be carefully checked. The MRi is an important step and you will have the full pelvis and abdomen scan.

How did they determine you had CC - was it from the LLETZ biopsy in March? There is a chance it has not moved outside the cervical area. Sadly your all-clear in 2021 may have been a false negative because of the scar tissue from the LLETZ operations in 2020. My CC went unnoticed for years because of a false negative in 2017. I had three prior ops too.

Thinking of you, Bonita - and please ask anything you need to here - other people will come in and share with you too. All of us who have been through this know how much it means to have support through these difficult times. X


Thank you so much for your response! I’ve actually read a few of your responses in a lot of the forum chats and thank you for sharing the info you have but also supporting all of us in this journey. I hope that you are getting all the support as well, and really pleased that you have the all clear! :heart:

My diagnose was because of the March biopsy outcome! And have read in the forum chats that things can be missed because of scar tissue! It’s frustrating because this could have been dealt with last year if they investigated properly but no point in getting angry. At least I can now focus on whatever the next steps are.


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