Destroying smear tests

Is it common knowledge that smear tests done, outside of your scheduled timing are discarded and not processed by labs?

I went to my GP last week, as I experienced post menopausal bleeding and pain during sex. She took a smear test and referred me under the 2ww.

The consultant I saw today said the smear test results won’t come back as they are discarded as not done according to schedule, i.e when you are due…

I think this is scandalous

Hi Ragdoll

It does seem a bit harsh that smears are discarded; I’m not an expert but I guess the laboratory has to follow the guidelines of the NHS cervical screening programme. I suspect your GP probably shouldn’t have done the smear test in the first place but the important thing is you have been fast tracked under the 2ww which will outpace a smear test being processed via routine procedure.

How are you? I was fast tracked following post menopausal bleeding back in 2017 so I can empathise.

Best wishes



I had my consult today, healthy looking uterus, so don’t know where bleeding could be coming from.

I have been referred for a coloscopy,but no idea how long the wait is for it. So just stuck in the process now

If you can be flexible about dates and times you could call the colposcopy clinic to let them know you’d be willing to take a cancellation appointment which might mean you could be seen sooner.



Thank you, yes I live 5 minutes from the hospital and currently unemployed, disabled, so can go at anytime with no notice.

Yes. Could mean you get things done you don’t need or not get things you do. I don’t understand this, what is the point of having the smear, or am I missing something! Xx

If this is the case they should tell you beforehand X

The GP didn’t know that’s what happens, it was the consultant who told me