Bleeding after sex again

I’ve been back and fourth since 2017.

I’ve got a few issues;
First is bleeding during sex. Happened the last few times. Very light but still blood. Both times I’ve been a few days from starting my period but the next few days no bleeding which is a little confusing.

Second issues is my GP seems to be in a muddle with my tests and dates.
I’ve been a for a few smears in the last 12 months as having symptoms and each time my test comes back saying they are not testing the specimen as my smear isn’t due.
I spoke to the surgery and they said last recorded smear was 2018.
Can I call and spread to a dr prior to my appointment and tell them to get all my records straight before I attend. There is also no record or my other ‘failed’ smears

Hi Daffydaffy

in the UK routine smear tests are offered every 3 years up to the age of 49y and then every 5 years age 50-64y. The NHS cervical screening programme organises smear appointments and they send out invitations, which is when you should book a smear appointment with a GP practice nurse. It’s normal procedure for the lab to reject samples if your smear is done prematurely - even if your GP’s records aren’t up to date ideally the surgery would caution patients that they need to have received an invitation to save time and effort with taking and sending samples inappropriately.

Admin wise I think the GP only gets involved if you don’t keep up to date with smears whereupon they send out reminder letters. I don’t know exactly how a GP practice works in terms of keeping records of patient smears. No harm in raising the matter with the GP practice manager to clarify the situation. It might be a good idea to keep notes on smear dates (if you’re not already doing so) in case of system errors.

The purpose of smears is to detect cervical abnormalities in the absence of symptoms and before any serious problems occur. If you’re concerned about the bleeding you’ve experienced you shouldn’t wait until your smear is due; best to make an appointment with the GP for a comprehensive gynae check up.


Thank you. I was worried about spotted and bleeding between periods which is why I scheduled the 2 other appointments which both times was decided best to perform a smear. Even so, these were still sent back saying it’s too early which is very frustrating as I feel I just need to wait but I’m anxious consider my history of CIN 2 a few years back and various colposcopy procedures

Might be worth asking the GP if they would consider referring you direct for a colposcopy?