Bleeding after sex question

Hi, i just wondered whether i should be following up on the fact that i do bleed after sex fairly regularly
i had a smear over summer which said CIN 1 and hpv - low level abnormal so no further action

As this was recent i doubt it can have changed much? but is it advisable to go to a gp about bleeding after sex generally? It does freak me out a little when it happens

Hi lilystar,

There’s certainly no harm in speaking to your GP about it. You may get a more helpful response from your colposcopy clinic if you rang them though as they are the specialists.



Hi lilystar,

I would suggest to go and speak to your GP ASAP. It is not normal to bleed after sex. I remember one of my side effects before I was diagnosed, was bleeding after sex which became worst and worst as time passed by.
Please don’t postpone it, it might be nothing but better to be checked.

Maria xx

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thanks, i would ordinarily but i guess because i have just gone through the motions recently with colposcopy etc. i feel that it covers my back a bit (although do have persistent hpv and dyskariosis). But can’t hurt to check again i guess

thankyou, wish you all the best xx :slight_smile:

This week has been quite busy in Cervical Cancer Journey" as I have been to three different hospitals but I got the all clear so all worth it with just one more test result to come on Monday I live for another 3 months until the next round of testing, even plan on going on holiday. Well done on your own personnel “Ankr app” and long may it continue. Your emotional journey sounds much the same as mine as it’s in the early hours when you lie in bed thinking about the whole stupid world that has been thrown at us and the question is always “Why Me” but you get up and get on with life as it is and thats what counts.