Smear results?

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I'm due to have a colposcopy in two weeks time but right now I have a little question about smear test results...

I've noticed people mentioning their results and finding out various grades etc. is this the norm? All I ever heard after my first test was that the results were abnormal and in the second that there had been changes and the hospital would schedule a colposcopy for me. Nothing more detailed than that.

Did you all find out details of your results in your letter? Is this all down to how different regions handle results? I am in Scotland so would be interested to hear what the process is like for other Scottish women as well as the rest of the UK.

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I had a smear which came back abnormal and got booked in for a colposcopy 2 weeks later. 


I am a  total wimp  couldnt stand having the smear test even done so they couldn't do much of the colposcopy with me but did say I had high grade changes. 


I I was booked in for letz treatm under general anaesthetic  few weeks later as I had a holiday in between and thy wouldn't do it there and then during the colposcopy because 1) I couldn't have let them anyway and 2) I was going away and they said it can cause infection if you go in pools etc. 


It wasnt until after my letz treatment when they had removed some cells and taken a biopsy that I was told i had CC and asked to go in to speak to the consultant. 


I forced  to tell my why over the phone but wasn't given the staging until the actual appointment with the consultant. 


So  short at  colposcopy my experience  that they just told  that there wrre some areas that looked high grade changes and needed treatment. I wasn't told anything else until after my letz when they sent the biopsy way for further testing. 


Hope that answers  question in some way although i would i everyone's experience is different! 


Good luck and  try not to worry :) 

Hi Rose1990

I'm in Scotland also. I've had abnormal smears followed by colposcopy and treatment. When I've had my abnormal smear result letters it simply states "the results of your recent cervical smear test show changes which will require further investigation".

When I got a letter like this I made an appointment with my doctor who was able to advise if the changes were mild, moderate or severe. However, I didn't know the "official" grading until I got my pathology report back after LLETZ treatment which would state whether the changes were CIN I, CIN II or CIN III and whether the abnormality had been removed in full i.e. with clear margins.

I hope this helps and good luck with your appointment!

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Peanut x

Im in england and my letter i recieved yesterday states,

'The report from the laboratory showed that your cervical screening result was abnormal. There were changes to the cells of your cervix called high grade dyskaryosis. these changes need investigation and appropriate treatment A referal to clinic has already been arranged you should recieve this appintment in the next 5 days.

Hi Natalie same wording as me pretty much except the 5 days bit mine said an appointment will be through soon if I don't have one in 14 days contact the gp