CT Scan showed "Bulky Cervix" and "Right Ovary not seen"

I am new too this site, and am a little lost about recent results I had, I have had ongoing health problems, pain in my abdominal area, changes in my urine frequency, irregular periods, and chronic vulva pain which migrates deep in my vagina near cervix. I have been back and forth to doctors (ive changed doctors 6 times now) being sent away with antibiotics, (although no UTI was detected), had pap 6 months ago - which came back normal (although I had CIN1 15years ago - and I told the GP this), my doctor then thought it may be intercystial cystitis (due to my bladder habits changing), and put my irregular periods down to peri-menopause (im 41?) so she sent me to have a cystocophy, which came back normal - however during the procedure they noted I have "Lichen Sclerosis" on my vulva - all my GP did was prescribe me cream for this and said to keep an eye on it - (I saw GP prior to this - and she said I had discolouration on my vulva - when i had normal pap - and said its nothing to worry about - just hormones!!!) my pains getting worse, and im feeling run down in general and have lost my spark so to speak, I tell her its not in my head - im in pain, which is keeping me awake at nights now, so finally she agrees to send me for CT Scan with contrast dye (I literally had to demand - basically kicking and screaming in doctors office - she delayed this because I am on thyroxine even though my levels are NORMAL - my endo had to write to my gp advising her that im safe to have CT with dye!) so I had my CT Last week, and results came back - "Cervix appears Bulky, but the area is complicated" and "vaginal fornices appear normal" and "follow up with MRI recommended" which I am booked in to have in just under two weeks. I am really worried - and really need some control back in terms of my health and not be brushed off - as this has been a long journey to finally get a clear answer as to why I am in pain - I am very angry at the previous doctors who have brushed off my ailments - the term "bulky cervix" has got me so concerned, I am in Australia, and use the public health system - so its been a process to get too this point (waiting times) it seems though now things are speeding up - which additional tests should I ask for? or will the MRI speak for itself? My MRI is being done tomorrow week. Ive never given birth, as Ive googled "bulky cervix" and the cause could also be related to some women who have given birth and causes changes to cervix?? I have had blood tests and no infection found (Im not sexually active - havnt been for almost a year due to pain - and when I was I always practise safe sex - so its definately not an STD) this is so confusing, and the wait times are ridiculous - unfortunately I have to rely on public health as I cant afford private health insurance - however I am out of pocket for the MRI - as the hospital who wrote report (ct scan) advised "MRI" recommended - yet they cant get me in for another 6 weeks! I just want my life back - and to get back to work - so I have opted to pay for MRI so I can have done sooner - thanks to generosity of my family who have piched in to  help me pay for this.