Ectropic cervix and swollen lymph nodes...extremely worried


I'm 22 and have been dealing with pelvic pains around my left ovary for over 5 months now. I initially went to (after a call to 111) A&E because I was also spotting, in pain and generally feeling unwell and a bit scared! Doctor did a urine smaple and decided I had a UTI, looked at my cervix said it looked healthy but swabbed for a few common STIs. I have had cervix pain and discharge for a while before this.

Went home, took the trimethroprim for the week and didnt feel any better, went to my doctors and got dismissed about my pains due to having anxiety so was told to come back in three weeks if they hadn't got better!

Fast forward a couple months (as I was very put off going back after I felt she was rude) I decide to go for full STI checks as i have discharge and pains still, diagnosed with BV. Hoop used on my cervix which hurt a fair bit! On antibiotics again for a week to treat the BV, but then i realised it idnt explain the pains. So back to the GP i go...

This is about 3 weeks ago now and I get a pelvic examination without speculum and she notices my cervix is very sore, another urine test and sent away again with UTI antibiotics and booked in for pelvic ultrasound

Feeling unhappy with the whole process I ring up two weeks ago to ask for a smear test, doctor tells me no, but she will look at my cervix and make an assessment on what tthe pain is. Looks at my cervix says it looks red and inflammed with a lot of discharge, decides I probably have PID and sends me away with two weeks of antibiotics.

In the meantime have my scan and its all clear, left ovary apparently might have adhesions?

We're now at the two week mark and I rang today to go in as I have swollen lymph nodes in my upper pelvis next to my pubic bone, discharge still present and pelvic pain still there. Doctors looks at my cervix and says it looks ectropian, I have no idea what this means but ensures me its okay but wants me to see a gynaecologist...go home and consult google and apparently its a sign of cervical cancer?? 

I was worried before now but this has taken it overboard. I havent been able to eat for a few days as i have been worrying and I'm barely sleeping. Having pains all over that i'm worrying about and I just need some help with all of this...I dont know what to do Cry

Might be worth mentioning that im not bleeding after intercourse and didnt bleed about having the inside of my cervix swabbed, although it did hurt a lot!