Not sure where to post

Hi, I'm here in the hope someone can maybe enlighten me.

After months of abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain etc after goino back on the depot, my gp has finally stopped telling me it's down to hormones and looked into it further. The downside to this is that all of a sudden I'm feeling really overwhelmed by the speed of things and at the same time the lack of information coming in my direction. First an internal with gp, leading to her finding my cervix inflammed and with some irregularities. Next a trans vaginal scan which showed nothing more than the inflammation but ovaries weren't visible possibly due to the depot Injection. Tomorrow i have a gynecologist appointment having been reffered for what i presume is an urgent appointment. Im going out of my mind right now as no one has suggested any possibilities and i have no idea what the appointment will involve.  All i can imagine is the worst. If there is anyone who can enlighten me i would be really great full 

Hi, I cant help as am going the exact same myself but I understand how your feeling. I saw the doctor and had an internal with her and she found an inflamed cervix and other irregularities. Those tests came back two days later with no infection found...and the day after I received a ultrasound app and a gynaecologist app from the hospital. They act stupidly quick but dont tell you what it could be. Did they tell you anything after your scan show up anything? I dont know whether you have to wait for a gynaecologist to look at the scan? Or are they seperate? Im confused myself! 


Did you get a gynaecology app after you had your scan? And how long did you wait? X

My gp didn't test for infection or anything like that, certain took no swabs etc. The only that that was mentioned briefly was cervicitis but no explanation even to what that is. The gynaecology app was made the day after the internal, so like you say they moved very quickly. After the scan I was told nothing other than the inflammation had shown up but to remind gynae to look at the images, apart from that there was no other information. It's the not knowing what to expect and what the possibles are that's sending me insane. I saw the gp 1 day and gynae app was made by phone the following day, so made before the scan. X

There is nothing that anyone could say to make you feel better....but it could honestly be so many different things which arent serious at all. Great news have tje gynaecologist tomorrow and will know everything then. Make sure you ask the questions you want to know and if you dont understand anything then just ask them to explain. goes well tomorrow. Good luck! X