Bulky cervix with redness

Hello I’m new.
I’m 47 with no previous history of abnormal smear. I have had a few months worth of bleeding in between periods so went to see my GP. She examined me and said the cervix looked red and that she thought it looked like an ectropion but she also said my cervix felt bulky. Never heard of that expression before. She thought it could be because I’ve had 5 children?

She said she wasn’t worried but she wants a second opinion and that I need a colposcopy and a uterine scan.

Came home and googled. Very stupid I know. The only thing I can find associated with a bulky cervix is CC. I’ve also had hip/lower back and pelvic pain for 10 months but MRI scan showed lower disc bulge.

Sorry if this is long.

Has anybody heard of bulky cervix?

Thank you in advance.

Hello EvieLou :-)

I haven't heard of a 'bulky' cervix but I can well imagine that five deliveries might get you one. This really does not sound like cervical cancer. I think your doctor is right to tell you that she isn't worried and that a second opinion from a colposcopy is a smart move. I have also had a chronically prolapsed disc and to be honest with you, in your shoes I'd get that dealt with before it gets any worse. 

I wish you the very best of health and a happy new year

Be lucky


Thank you so much for replying and for your reassurance.

Hopefully the bulky cervix will be nothing.

Wishing you a happy new year too!