Could i have crevical cancer ?


Ok so I’m not a virgin,neither is my bf.but he got tested and he’s clean and so am I.were both under 18 and we always use a condom…could I still get cervical cancer? And wut are all symptoms of it to ppl and I don’t wanna hear “don’t or u shouldn’t have sex” that’s stupid…any way so plz help?

Abnormal cells are caused by the HPV virus, an infection spread by sexual contact (not nesessarily sex itself). If left untreated the abnormal cells can develop into cervical cancer. The important thing to remember is that having HPV does NOT mean you WILL get cancer in fact, for the majority of people (and many many people have HPV at some time) it will clear up and they will be none the wiser.

My advice would be listen to your body and always attend screening when you’re called and always report anything unusual to your Dr. This goes for all health related issues.

You have come here and asked quite an open ended and insensitive question, nobody here is a medical professional and you cannot be diagnosed via a forum. We cannot tell you if you can get cervical cancer anymore than we can tell you that you can get breast cancer.

Just want to point out a typo in WhatNot’s post. She has said “The important thing to remember is that having HPV does mean you WILL get cancer”. I am sure she meant to put a NOT in there somewhere!!

Spot on Kay! I have corrected it now (I love having an edit button)

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