Hpv test, confused.

Hi ladies,

Can someone clear up this for me as I've read all sorts online and I am a little confused.

can you have or develop cervical cancer without HPV?

I am asking because I have had endless issues over the last 2 years with my smears. I had CIN 3 removed in May 2016 by Lltez treatment. Then had a follow up smear which was negative and an inconclusive HPV result. So had to repeat 6 months later. Those results came back borderline changes and HPV negative and my next check up is in 3 years!!

My last smear was end of Jan this year (2017) but I have been bleeding after sex for the last 3 months and have very achy hips. My results letter says if any symptoms to book doc appt straight away. But I feel like I'm wasting people time when I've been told that because I don't have HPV then I definitely don't have cervical cancer? 

Does anyone know plz?

thank you 

jessica x

Hiya, yes you can get cervical cancer without having HPV present. Cetain types of HPV mean you are more likely to get cervical cancer but even if you are tested positive for HPV it doesn't definitely mean that you will get cancer. Normally other factors come into play with cervical cancer and it isn't always solely down to HPV. Hope that this helps

It does help a lot thank you! The doctor has reassured me that theres no chance of me developing cervical cancer due to the fact i don't have HPV. Although I have read stories that its still possible. My smear went from normal to borderline changes within 5 months and with the bleeding after sex and night time back pain I get I'm just worried. 

Thanks for your help x

Glad that you have spoken to your doctor. We assume the worse things in our mind and it is nice to talk to someone who understands and can put our mind at ease. I completely understand why you were worried though