Confusing referral


I had my smear last month and the results were low grade dyskariosis with hpv. My letter said a referral for a colposcopy has been arranged for me and I should receive another letter within two weeks with details. After two weeks and no letter I called the gp who said they had no record of a referral being arranged for me?! And I need to contact whoever arranged it directly. I don't know who that would be, my letter doesn't say anything or give any other contact details.

Would it be the hospital (no idea which one) or the cervical screening programme that I need to contact?

Another weird thing - the same day I got my results letter I got another letter inviting me for a smear, as if the smear I had already had never happened. I assumed this was just mistakenly sent because I had booked my smear slightly before it was due, so maybe that invitation letter was already in existence. But now I'm worried that there seems to be no record of me being referred for a colposcopy! And I don't know what to do. I feel like I should call the gp again tomorrow to try to get to the bottom of it, but it's all just so odd!

I wondered if anything like this has happened to anyone or if there are any contact details on the letter that invites you for a colposcopy which might be who I need to contact. 

Thank you!


Hi ,maybe the smear letter was the automatic one they send when your due and overlapped with you having the smear , when my smear was abnormal the coloscopy department at my local nhs hospital rang me before I even knew about my results of the smear so they must get notified before we do and probably our own gps look at your local hospital website and find the coloscopy department and give them a call they will probably know if you have been referred and direct you to where to need to contact if you haven’t kerry

Thanks for replying! I called the GP again today, was passed around a few people and no one knows what's happened, they've arranged for a doctor to call me on Tuesday to talk about my results/refer me if necessary. A bit annoying because I know that I need to be referred for a colposcopy and this is just more waiting.

Hopefully things will start moving when I can talk to someone in a few days, not very impressed with how this has been handled though! It's now been over a month since my smear, who knows when I'll be booked in for a colposcopy and I'm worried about the cells changing even more. 

Emma x