Confused over results

I had a colposcopy on 12/12/16 after an abnormal smear result. At the appointment the doctor told me he was confident it was between cin 1 and cin 2 and would perform a loop to remove the cells.
I have received the results through the post today which said my results are cin 3 after a cone biopsy. I’m confused as I didn’t have a cone biopsy, I thought this was a different procedure to the loop and also concerned as it had changer from between 1&2 to 3.
I rang the hospital and spoke to a nurse who pulled up my file and said it looked like a mistake had been made as the doctors letter said loop and cin 2. She said she would check into it and get someone to ring me back. The secretary has rang me back, was quite rude and said no a cone biopsy is the same thing as a loop just a different name, it’s right and I should be happy it’s been removed. When I told her what the nurse had said she got very defensive and said no she’s wrong but I can’t speak to her as I couldn’t provide a name. I was quite upset coming off the phone as I just wanted to clarify my results and was confused as it said cone biopsy which I thought was a more invasive procedure than the loop they told me I had. I can’t get my results from the gp until tomorrow to see if their letter says the same or the nurse was right and it’s different. I would like to check for peace of mind. I was initially worried I had the wrong test results.
Has anyone else experienced a different result like this and is a cone biopsy the same as a loop? Obviously I was upset as cin is more severe than what I thought I had.

Thanks for any help.

I don't know how helpful this is but I'm having my treatment tomorrow. I smear said low grade HPV, colposcopy said cin2-3 after the biopsy. 

The letter for my appointment says "loop cone diathermy under local anaesthetic" now from what I've read the cone one is usually done under general. So I'm also wondering if it is in Fact a different name for the Procedure. I'll update you tomorrow. 


Does the letter mean they've removed CIN3 or you still have that? 

Hi. Thanks for replying.

My smear showed low grade which the doctor agreed with when he examined me - cin 1 & 2. He did the treatment the same day for that reason and then they test the tissue thats taken away. He never mentioned a cone biopsy, just that I was having Lletz treatment to remove all the affected cells which is why the results letter confused me. I initially thought they had messed my results up and sent me someone else's, I was also shocked to see cin 3 which is more severe than what we thought I had. Like you I though the cone was something completely different and more invasive. The letter confirms thankfully that they removed all the affected cells and I have been discharged back to my gp for a smear in 6 months. I will ring the gp in the morning just to check their letter matches mine, for peace of mind as the first nurse I spoke to initially agreed my results letter could be wrong as the doctors copy said different.

Good luck for tomorrow, let me know how you get on.


I had mine done today, piece of cake didn't feel a thing really. Even told the hot student doctor to add me on Facebook while my legs were in the air Haha. 


I did ask about what the letter meant by "cone" and that I thought that was done under general. He said no this is rarely done under general these days. i think maybe it is the same thing as lletz Unless they do put you under general.