Im confused

Hi, after a what seemed like ages wait after an abnormal smear (2 months) I had my colposcopy today.  The doctor said that there was definate abnormal changes,, and I needed a pinch (she might have said punch) biopsy, she took 3, and my contraceptive coil came out at the same time!  She gave me a local anaestetic it was extremely uncomfortable and quite painful.  I now have a 6 week wait for the results.  I have read about loop biopsy and cone biopsy but not about pinch/punch biopsy what is the difference, does that mean what I have is better or worse?  I don't know if I should feel relieved or worried that I have had this procedure and not the others, does this mean she has removed all the abnormal cells, or is this just a tiny bit for testing before removing the rest?  Please can someone advise, I was in so much pain with stomach cramps (I think due to coil coming out rather than the biopsy) that I didn't ask too many questions.

Hi P, 

A punch biopsy takes just a small amount of the abnormal cells to then be tested to check they match up with the abnormality found at the smear test. if they require treatment you will be called back to have a loop or cone done. hope that clears it up a bit for u. the cramping also, I had bad cramps following biopsy so might just be normal from that too :) xxx

Thanks for your reply.  So if they match up with smear test (moderate changes, high risk hpv) then what do they do, and if they don't match?  Is all so confusing.

Hi P - if its CIN2 or CIN3 they would usually proceed with a treatment like loop, lletz or cone, but that totally depends on your results.

If its CIN1 they may leave it alone as this oftens gets better on its own without treatment. The biopsy results would be a lot more detailed than the smear results, so this would be the results they would go by.

Ah right, that make a lot more sense.  So if it matches with the smear (moderate changes) they will do nothing but repeat smears, but if is worse than the smear stated then I will have the cells removed by loop incision or something.  Thank you has put my mind at rest now, just the 6 week wait to go.