Did you find out cin before loop?

I had my 2nd ever smear on 6th October. My 1st smear 3 years ago was normal. I got a call from the doctor on the 16th saying my smear was abnormal and he has referred me for a colposcopy and would receive a letter in the next 2 weeks. I then got a call from the nurse on the 19th asking if I had recieved my results which I hadn't but told her the doctor had spoken to me. I asked her to explain more to me and she pulled up my notes and said so your stage 1. I don't want you worrying as many women have been to the hospital and it turns out to be nothing. Later that day I got a call from the hospital to book in for a colposcopy, they booked me in the following Monday (26th). When I got home that night a letter said you should of been contacted about your recent smear which was abnormal. An urgent hospital referral has been made. Then it said at the bottom if you haven't recieved a booking please make an appointment with your doctor to discuss results. I went to the coloscopy and he started by saying I would need a cone biopsy and explained when I had children I may need a stitch and I would be monitored closely. When he got down there he said o it's not as bad so I will just do a loop. I asked him after what grade I was and he said wait for your results letter which will be 2-4 weeks. I live in Grimsby and not sure if it's different everywhere. when I asked if I would need lots of smears he said another one in 6 months and that would check for hpv. I am so confused. 

Hey i haven't entirely been in your situation but i am from grimsby. I have had a colposcopy, but for an erosion of cervix, but had biopsy too as a precaution

 Which doctors are you with? After your treatment you might have cleared the hpv virus by then x