Confused mismatch results

So I’m really confused, was referred under an urgent suspected cancer pathway when having my smear and coil change as doctor wasn’t happy with the appearance of my cervix. As a result coil change wasn’t done, but the smear test was. Results came back positive for hpv and high grade severe dyskaryosis, and I previously had a smear in 2022 which came back hpv positive, went for colposcopy yesterday and the colposcopist could not see any cell changes. She has suggested I go for a lletz but under general anaesthetic as I have a large angry fibroid which is likely to bleed profusely, which I have obviously agreed to. She was explaining she can’t see the inside. Just now I’m really confused as to how there can be such a disparity between smear results and what the colposcopy has currently revealed. Is it possible for colposcopy to miss something I’m worrying that something will go missed and cause me problems down the line. She did say the smear was showing cin3 so it’s quite a worry. Has anyone else had similar happen.
Selina x

Hi Selina. I had mismatched results. My pap came back HRHPV HSIL and the colp was normal. So my doctor wants to do the LEEP in 4 weeks, because she is saying that the cells must be deeper inside hiding on a place that the colp could not reach. I am so
Worried and super nervous because I don’t know or understand any of this. Is so confusing and scary at the same time. I really don’t want to think that deeper inside there is something really wrong hiding.

Hi bellabu11, it’s all just so confusing isn’t it and as much as you want to put it to the back of your mind you just can’t. Then to top it all off I’ve read the letter sent to my doctor and on that it says she’s seen what is in her opinion low grade cin on the colp as well as fibroid’s multiple cysts and prominent vessels, now I’m even more confused than I was before. Says about the mis match meeting and how a plan will be decided……so is she doing the lletz or not. I can’t live like this indefinitely, it’s so hard not knowing what’s going on!

Hi Bellabu11, just wondering how your getting on. So I’ve heard from hospital today (had to chase them mind you) and it appears o wasn’t even discussed at the meeting on 1st May and now need to wait for a meeting on 5th June I’m so annoyed and my mind is on overdrive. So had my smear on 27th march colposcopy on 17th April and no further treatment plan till 5th June, like what the hell…….how is it right to leave me with potential high grade severe cells for months. I’m fuming and really don’t know if I can continue to live like this for another month then also wait for my lletz appointment and have a 4 week wait for any lletz results after that. I’m so emotionally drained right now. Selina xx