Confused and a lot scared

Hey I am new here. I'm 25 (nearly 26) and I had my first smear two weeks ago and got a letter yesterday saying I had borderline changes and because of this they did the hpv test which from what I can gather was positive but I don't know what risk it was. I have a colposcopy on Christmas eve! What a nice Christmas present. Tbh I just want someone to help me understand is there chance I have cancer. I went to the gp 4 times in the last 6 months because I had pain during sex and bleeding at weird times and I always get a full achy pain down there but I think he thought I was crazy and kept sending me away. i started to think maybe I was imagining it all! :/ 

Hi Holly!

Sorry you've had the scary letter - totally understand why you're feeling the way you are. However, if I were you I would focus on the word "borderline" which suggests that any changes are in the early stages and they'll have a good look at the colposcopy.

Do not consult Dr Google because it's possible to go from "I've got a spot on my chin," to "What songs should I play at my funeral?" in about half an hour. (Anyone else done that?;))You could always call your GP for reassurance.

Christmas Eve colposcopy - there'll probably be a very festive atmosphere!

Take care and keep calm!

Kirsty x

Hi hon,

Kirsty is right, the key word is borderline. You may not even need further treatment as it may be cin1 and it often goes away on its own.

take extra care of yourself, and just think, Christmas day will be great with that over!

Molly xxx

Thank you for the comments I went to my gp just because I was panicking and he said the same though he has referred me for a transvaginal scan too as he thinks I may as well have the whole area checked. That should be done within 10 days. I also rebooked my other thing for the 18th so I don't have to go Christmas eve. I feel better now. I think the initial shock just made me crazy. so I pulled a sicky today and I'm going bk to work tomorrow to stop me from dwelling. I think it would've been much simpler if I'd been a man. 

Yes, I agree. They have no idea what we go through.


Of course it's simple being a man, men are simple :-) (Bless them)

Mollz and Kirsty are spot-on; Borderline is a good word, Google is a very bad thing, Hospitals look nicer with the Xmas deccies up.

Go well


Hi holly 


I'm exactly the same as u! 25 and first smear showed mild changes. I've been for a biopsy and just waiting to hear back. If u want to chat that would be cool. Hopefully we can both fight these changes off ! I felt devastated at first but then I think I'm actually lucky to b caught at an early stage and can be monitored a lot of women hav worse results to contend with. 

<3 x