Confused after Colposcopy

Hi everyone, I have been having issues for the last 7 months and its taken an age to actually get to see a consultant but I finally saw them on Wednesday 8th March. The first consultant started to do an examination with the intention of doing a smear but after a minute or so he said he needed to consult with his colleague. I asked if he had found something and he seemed to avoid answering at first but then he said he could see a tumour and needed to speak with a senior consultant to rule out cc. I asked if I would be sent another appointment date but he said no, I needed to wait and be seen today. Within 20 minutes I was having a colposcopy, it was extremely painful and distressing especially as I had not expected that procedure to take place. The new consultant took a number of biopsy's and said we would discuss once I was dressed. I was taken to his office where he told me it wasn't good but now we had caught it we would get things sorted, he said I needed an emergency MRI and blood test so we could confirm my treatment plan on the 24th March, he never said cc but said we would need the tests to decide on the surgery needed and radiotherapy! I was on my own for the appointment and very upset so in hindsight I wish I had asked more questions but I was just in total shock. I gave blood on the 13th March and have my MRI tomorrow and I just cant stop worrying. Has anyone else had ths type of experience following a colposcopy? xx

hi lewisia, i havent had the same experience as yourself but i just wanted to wish u the very best of luck for tomorrow. It's good that you have had your colposcopy n got the ball rolling with whatever treatment you may need. If it is cc and very early stage very little treatment will be needed ... it may not be cc, either way you're now in the best hands possible now and it will be sorted. There are many women on here that have had the mri amongst other tests so Im sure you will get some feedback very soon. Please let us know how you get on. If you need to talk fel free to pm x

Thank you, the MRI wasn't too bad and thankfully I dont have long to wait. Will see what Friday brings! x

Just found the contact details for my CNS, do you think its worth calling her before Friday or just waiting? I was given her details on the 8th March but just remembered getting them! X