Results please help (children mentioned)


I had a colposcopy under urgent referral on 26th August, biopsies were taken. The consultant said it was looking suspicious and discussed poss of stage one cc. I have been going out of mind with worry. I have phoned every day since friday to see if any results have come through. Finally today I was told that my results had come in and I would receive a letter tomorrow telling me about an appointment on Friday afternoon to discuss results at clinic.

It seems to me tht that is quite quick for results and that i am being treated as an urgent case. I am now completely out of my mind but havent been given any information either way.

PLEASE could anyone let me know about their experience. has anyone had things happen that quickly and if so was it cc?

Is it a bad sign that no one will discuss anything with me over the phone?

How long do things normally take?

If it is cc what happens next and what sort of time frame?

What questions should I be asking at my appointment on friday?

Sorry about all the questions but as you can probably tell i'm freaking out. I'm a teacher and have just started with a new class and have two young children who dont cope well with difficultes. Frown


Please reply, i'm desperate for support. Molly




Hi Mollz

I was told in about the same time frame as you that I had stage 1b1 CC.  It does vary from area to area so please don't read anything into it at this stage.  They won't discuss it over the phone with you, that is the policy of most hospitals so no, it is not a bad sign.

If it is CC then you will most probably be asked to have an MRI which in my case was a week later.  I then had an appointment to see my consultant after the MRI results had come through.

Regarding questions for Friday, if it is CC then I would ask if they have any idea what stage it is (most do but it is confirmed by the MRI) and then ask what treatment is recommended and the associated time scales.  It may not be CC but something that just needs a small amount of treatment.

I freaked out too but got through it ok and you will too.  Keep us posted with what happens on Friday.

Good luck & hugs, Cheryl,xx

Thank you so much for you reply, I appreciate it so much.

At this point I am just hoping to goodness it is still stage 1 and has not spread. The not knowing is killing me.

Mollz x

Yes the waiting is awful.  Not much longer to go before you find out now.  It's just a relief to find out what you are actually facing and at least you feel things are moving then.

Hang in there, you can do this.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx