colposcopy results

Hi everyone I'm new here and just looking for a bit of advice. I had my colposcopy done on the 22nd of dec and got fed up waiting on results coming through the post so called the hospital and she said my letter was released to my doc on the 7th of Jan but because of the backlog of lab results Have not been sent out to me yet!!! Anyway I got through to my doctor and she said she couldn't give me my results over the phone but could tell me that she does need to see me back for further treatment once I receive my results in the post! I instantly feared the worse and was a mess but does this actually mean cc? I wish I just knew my results it's driving me crazy! I hate not knowing what to expect I wish they were more helpful. 


Thanks for listening ladies xxx

Hi Nic,

please don't panic! It doesn't neccessarily mean you have CC, it could just be they found some bad cells that they need to remove and could be you need Lletz. This treatment isn't bad, just a bit uncomfortable! I had it 3 weeks ago. Did they give you any indication at your colposcopy? It sounds like your letter will be with you very soon which should explain everything for you, if it doesnt then give your doctor another call. big hugs! Xx

Hi thanks for ur reply! 

They didn't really give me much info, I came out more confused than I went in, felt a bit rushed, the clinic was running way behind. I hope it's just the Llets I need, but the longer I wait for results the more I seem to convince myself it's worse! Lol Postman has been today so yet another day waiting for results! Ah the joys! Xx


Hi Nic, sorry to hear of your wait - how fustrating :(  Can you make an appointment with your GP and ask at the appointment? Bit mean that they've told you a little bit and left you hanging on like that.

Hope you get your letter soon. Try not to panic, the wait is always the worst bit xx