Hi. I have had 3 years positive for HPV and have an appointment for colpscopy next week. My husband hasnt asked how i feel about it if I would like him to attend…am i being over sensitive? I have found it really hurtful that he hasnt asked anything especially when i said that I am quite nervous when I had the letter about the appointment. Please feel free if you think i am being over sensitive. Thankyou

Hi @Lb7085

Its natural to feel that way, hes your husband and we expect support from those that are closest too us in times like this

Could it be that hes just as worried as you but doesnt know much about these things and may think hes going to say something that could make you more worried than whats needed? He could also be assuming hed be going with you without needing to ask xx

Thanks for replying. Ireally dont know. I feel very hurtful about it and to be honest we havent had any physical contact i the last 3 years. I dont think it helps that i suspected he cheated on me years ago although he denies it. Although I am wondering if he has and he is blaming himself for passing it onto me. I just feel so deflated and upset that he hasnt shown any interest

He definitely isnt coming as he dont even know when the appointment is. I had to cancel the original one as my daughter got a hospital appointment :unamused:

Ah bless ya. It’s really tough l. All the not knowing isn’t it. Sometimes I think our men don’t realise what goes on in our heads. That is mission impossible. Can you talk to him? Let him know how your feeling and that you really need his support? My man has been by my side all the way even when I shut him out. Maybe your husband just doesn’t realise how much this is worrying you. We are all here if you need support and to talk

To be honest he hasnt said much about it at all, 3 years of HPV and when i said I had to go for a colposcopy he just said when is that… ive mentioned before that im not looking forward to it but he has never once said do you want me to come. I havent asked him as I am stubborn :rofl:and dont think I should have too. I’ll just put my extra large big girl pants on x