Colposcopy worse than smear

Hi girls, so I had my colposcopy today after 3 years hpv+ and borderline changes this last smear. The Dr said she thinks it looks like I have CIN2 and cervical ectropian (not sure if I’ve spelt that right!). They took a biopsy so now have to wait 6 weeks for the results and then she said I’d have to have LLETZ. The biopsy and whole colposcopy was quite painful and the Dr said she can see I have a really sensitive cervix.

I wasn’t overly concerned going in today and honestly thought I’d be put back on 3 yearly smears or worst case stay on annual. So it’s a bit of a shock to come away with CIN2 and having to go back to have them removed. I’m glad they have seen that changes and it’s getting sorted and it could be a whole lot worse but I have cried as I just wasn’t expecting it. It was really painful too so I’m dreading going back.

Has anyone else gone in with one thing and come out with worse? I’m now worried in case the biopsy comes back worse! I know what I’m like though, I’ll worry for a couple of days then sort myself out as even if it comes back a bit worse they are still planning on doing the LLETZ anyway. I doubt very much it could ever be anything really bad could it?

Hi @Buck

I had something similar happen to me last year, its a huge kick in the teeth but its good that your looking at the positives, theyve found it and theyre dealing with it :slight_smile:

I was on a yearly follow up for CIN1 after my smear indicated borderline changes, my follow up smear detected low grade dyskaryosis so i thought “well atleast it hasnt progressed” 6 weeks later however i had my second colposcopy where biopsies revealed CIS/CIN3 and i had a LLETZ under GA 9 weeks later… thankfully the wait didnt make a difference in my diagnosis i still had precancerous changes only, i then tested negative for HPV at my test of cure 6 month later xx

Hi :blush: yeah exactly, if we are still at the point of not CC then we just have to be grateful we are so lucky to be having these tests as standard so it stops it becoming anything sinister. I am still worried though and think I will be until I get my biopsy results back. That’s only because I went in with borderline, so almost normal and came out with CIN2. My mind is a bit blown how those results could be so different so until those biopsy results are back I know I’ll occasionally think something could be bad.

I’m more worried about the LLETZ though, today was very painful so I’m dreading it. No choice but I won’t be looking forward to it haha!!!

The waiting is definitely the worst part of all of this, makes it easier for our minds to run away with itself lol especiallly when things like this happen…

I convinced myself they were going to find so much worse, i had heavy and irregular bleeding for months prior so the 9 week wait was absolute torture thinking all sorts was happening down there while i was waiting lol

If its something you would prefer you can ask to have it done under general, i found getting put to sleep a much better experience for me, they attempted mine first with local first but i couldnt keep still so i was rebooked xx

Oh I didn’t realise I could request a general anaesthetic, would they think I was a wimp for asking lol?!!

Yeah the waiting is the worst!! Honestly thought I’d be done now and back to 3 year smears. Bit concerned but nothing I can do about it so just have to wait x

Not at all, alot of women opt for it when they find out its an option :slight_smile:

In my times of spiral i just kept reminding myself “cell changes are common but CC is not” it brought some comfort lol xx

Iv opted for general have mine on 22nd august worried sick :tired_face: xx

Hi Julie, did you have to call to request it and was it a longer wait time? Sorry you’re going through this. X

They gave me option while i was at coloscopy as i was on tablets for palpitation i know would have got myself worked up have pre oop next monday 31st wanted do opp on 8th august bit im away so have to wait till 22nd so not too long a wait really new to all this including this forum but find it helpfull but am worried xx

Hi, that’s not too long to wait is it. I have read they sometimes do it there and then at your colposcopy, we’re you offered that option? I wasn’t, I’m not sure why?

They said couldnt get biopsy as it had skinned over never heard that befor just had call bought opp forward to 15th august now xxx

Hi - i’m due to have a colposcopy in a couple of weeks after my smear came back hpv+ with low grade dyskaryosis. Seen this thread and a few others similar and am dreading the cells being worse than originally thought. My mind is in overdrive. I wondered if you’d had any results back yet from biopsy? x

Hi, sorry that you find yourself in the same boat as us. I am still waiting for my biopsy results, been 2 weeks so far and they said they can take up to 6 weeks. The best way to think about it, is that we are in the best care, could be a lot worse and at least we are aware of any changes and they are being monitored. That being said my mind has wandered off to dark places during the past few weeks!! I then have a stern word with myself lol!!

Chances of it being anything bad are really really slim I’m sure. That’s why we have smears etc so it doesn’t get to anything really bad.

I have had hpv for the past 3 smears and borderline changes on my most recent smear which a few friends have had and they have all come away with nothing and being put back on 3 year smears. I was just a weird one coming away with CIN2 and the biopsy will more than likely confirm that and then I’ll have the cells removed. Which is nothing in comparison to what some are going through.


Thanks so much for taking the time to reply - it’s so nice to know that i’m not the only one whose mind wanders off with bad thoughts sometimes! i have a 3 month old baby so she definitely helps keep my mind occupied some of the time!

Yes you are so right - it’s great that we have smears to find any of these changes before they develop into something more.

Please do keep me posted if you hear anything regarding your results - and if you do require any treatment let me know how that goes! All the best :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ll be busy with a 3 month old!! I have a 18,16 and 2 year old to keep me and my mind busy too.

Still waiting for my results and they said at the colposcopy I’ll need LLETZ so it’s just a case of the results confirming what the colposcopist thinks and then removing the cells.

The nurses are so nice and held my hand during my colposcopy so you’ll be in good hands.

I don’t suppose anyone knows if the NHS app is updated first or of its a letter we get for biopsy results. 3 weeks now and I just want to know!!! Xx

Hey @Buck,

They definitely work as a good distraction that’s for sure! Have you heard anything regarding your results yet?:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I had a call from the hospital today with my results, came back CIN3 so going in Friday for treatment. Won’t lie I’m dreading it and worried about the results now as it keeps getting a bit worse every time x

@Buck oh no i’m honestly so sorry the results have come back worst than you thought!
At least you are getting your treatment really soon - and will be rid of the horrible cells.

Do keep updated on how it goes friday - I’m sure everything will be fine!

I’m feeling really anxious for mine next week - honestly so petrified things are going to be worse for me too.

Thank you. Yeah it’s good it’s being done quickly as its the waiting that’s the worst isn’t it.

Was your smear hpv and borderline, same as my smear? I’ve had about 5 friends have that then go for a colposcopy and everything is normal so back to 3 yearly smears so more often than not it all works out fine and I’m keeping my fingers crossed its like that for you.

I’ll let you know how it goes Friday xx

Yes the waiting is just awful! How long was it from your first smear to having your colposcopy if you don’t mind me asking?

So my smear was HPV+ with low grade cell changes - so the next stage up from yours. My previous was just hpv+ no changes (which was my first ever smear) so i’ve defiantly not had a good start with smears!

I didn’t actually realise how common abnormal results were until i came on here and another website which has threads similar to these and saw so many have gone through/be going through the same thing. Still doesn’t make it any easier when you’re going through it though i have to say, my anxiety has been ridiculous since the results came through which probably isn’t helping!

Good luck for friday - it’ll be absolutely fine i’m sure!! xx