2nd smear in 6 months borderline change after cin3 and CGIN

so my smear results are in and there are borderline changed with positive hpv! I only had the lettz done six months ago with clear margins and she said it wasn't left over from last time. So has it started changing already in that short space of time? She took punch biopsies and she said the results might be a few more days. I'm worried that this is something I'm going to have hanging over me for the test of my life I just want it all gone!! I can't relax at all. Anyone been in this position before? Xx

Hello Again,

Thats rubbish! im really sorry that your smear has come back abnormal again. After treatment we want that to be it and put it behind us the last thing you want is another abnormal result. The good news is it's only borderline and may not need treatment, Borderline abnormal cells are really close to being normal and most of the time will go back to normal on there own. Have you heard anything about the womb scan yet? xx

Hi Natbag,

I'm really sorry this has happened to you. I totally understand what it feels like - it's happened to me. I had clear margins after LLETZ for CIN 2 and was told that I would be 'cured' and have no further problems. So when I got a borderline abnormal results 6 later I was absolutely devastated. 

Borderline changes can go back to normal, and I'm sure they'll keep an eye on you. 

Please feel free to PM me if you'd like to.

All the best, take care x

Hi Nat, I've had cin 3 6 months after a successful lletz for cin 3, I had to have another lletz but my last 2 smears have come back normal and negative for hpv. I don't know either if mine was left behind or a new abnormal area. I'm just replying to tell you that I've been in a similar situation and have had normal smears since.

I was in the same boat to! I had clear margins on my lletz treatments for cin3. But touch wood I am all clear now :-)

Thanks for your replies, I'm still waiting for biopsy results xx


I had treatment in November 2013 my biopsy result came back as cin3 and hpv+

My consultant was confident it had all been removed. 6 months later my smear

Came back with sever changes. I had some more treatment and my biopsy

Results this time came back cin3 with upper extremities (not sure what this means)

I am still hpv+

I am now due back in 4 months for a smear and to check my womb.

I am really feeling down about it and wondered if anyone else knew what 

Options there are if I again come back witj changes and hpv??