Colposcopy tomorrow

So, after a consultation with the private consultant this morning, and yet another episode of me crying at my normal gp's office this afternoon (this time at the receptionist!) I have decided to have my colposcopy privately. The consultant was just lovely!!! He listened to everything I had to say, and even cracked a few jokes. There was no rush, and I honestly felt like I was having a catch up with an old friend! Anyways, he booked me in for tomoro morning and didnt even charge me for todays consultation because he said it was ridiculous to make me pay for a consultatiom today and then for another one when I actually go for the colposcopy!  Despite going in there really stressed out and basically pouring my heart out about all of my experiences lately, i left the office with a smile on my face!  Me and the nurse had a lovely wee gossip while he made a call to book my colp... it just seemed like everyone had a genuine interest in making me feel comfortable!

Totally freaked out about tomoro but trying to stay busy and not think too much about it right now!


That’s such good news Alex. The waiting is most definitely the worst part. I think if you have the right Drs/nurses around you they can make the whole process a little better. J It will all be over with very soon! What time is your appointment tomorrow?


It really does make all the difference.  My appointment is at 10.20am and I live about an hour away from the clinic so as soon as I get up tomoro it will be go go go until I get to the clinic.  Then it will just be the wait for results.  He said its usually about a week for results but of course, i have all this happening right in the middle of the Easter holidays so I might have to wait a little longer.


I’m glad your appointment is in the morning, saves another full day of worry. Mine wasn’t until 4pm…I was tearing my hair out! Having a shorter wait time on results through private treatment is a huge plus….If your consultant can offer you reassurance after your colp tomorrow, the wait shouldn’t be too bad! My Doctor was very confident that she wasn’t looking at cancerous cells but after a week or so waiting for results I did start to have a wobble as I tried to remember her exact words of reassurance haha. The mind really does play awful tricks at times! It took 16 days for my results which I badgered the colp clinic for over the phone….They didn’t arrive in the post for another week after that. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow…Please keep us posted and try to have a relaxing evening tonight! J


Im still waiting for my doctors surgery to send me my smear results! They told me almost 2 weeks ago they would send them out but no sign and when i called to ask if i could pick up a copy they said they need dr to authorise and im still waiting for that too! Im nervous about what he will find when he looks in there... i had a cin 1 smear in nobember 2013 but when they sent the results of my all clear in June 2014 it said my previois one had been cin3 which has totally thrown me off! Ahh my mind has definitely been on overdrive!

So just got back from my colposcopy... my consultant was every bit as lovely as yesterday and had me laughing quite a lot throughout.. anyway, he struggled to find anything alarming at first then said I had the tiniest very minor abnormality which he is convinced is nothing more than CIN1 (praying its nothing worse than that). He took a couple of punch biopsies and then offered me treatment where he would burn the area (cauterization maybe??) Then he said he was going to do it anyway because the biopsy site just kept bleeding and bleeding... i dont know how normal that is but he didnt seem at all concerned. Anyways, now for the results wait... due to the holidays I could be looking at possibly 2 weeks but he said he would let me know as soon as he does. And so the waiting continues....