Colposcopy tomorrow

Hi, I'm booked in for a colposcopy tomorrow as my screening showed I have HPV and high grade d. I'm very anxious about it all and the appointments seemed to have been booked very quickly (which I know is a good thing but makes it seem urgent!). I also rang up to check whether I should go to the appointment during my period and the lady I spoke too said I definitely needed to attend. Would they have said something already if they knew something further (I.e detected cancerous cells)? 
I know this is a horrendous process for everyone but as a single Mum I'm terrified of the potential of what might happen for my daughter. 

Good luck today.
I went for colposcopy on my period. They just 'mop up' any bleeding that stops them seeing what they need to. It is better to get it done than put it off. I'm learning that waiting is the hardest bit!  

I am praying for you, get well soon.

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