colposcopy tomorrow

Hi everyone, I have a Colposcopy booked for tomorrow, I am so worried, I do not have a good feeling in my gut about it. I know that probably sounds mad. I have decided to go on my own to the appointment. I have had really abnormal periods for a few months now, having periods twice a month. I have what feels like period pains on most days, i am feeling tired, and needing to go for a wee alot throughout the day and also in the night. Also when i went for my smear test the nurse said she was having difficulty in finding my cervic. Any advice or support would be much appreciated. I actually thought i might be going through the menopause and the doctor said i was far to young, i turned 40 in september.

smear test: 8th october 2013

Smear result: 14th October 2013 - high grade dyskaryosis

Colposcopy: 5th November 2013

I will let you all know how it goes tomorrow.xx

Hi! I had my colposcopy last week - wasn't painful at all (about as unpleasant as a prolonged smear test) I'm not an expert by any means, but since having an abnormal result myself, I am gradually finding out that lots of my friends have had similar problems and treatment but we never talked about it! One friend's cycle was all over the place (she's in her 40s), constant bleeding etc... - she was called in for colposcopy and they said it was only mild changes and she should come back in three years - so it might be nothing to worry about :-) (I know that's a lot easier said than done!!) x


I can agree with what Delphi has said above. Try not to worry, do not Google and just read some of the past posts on here to set your mind at rest.

the actual colposcopy isn't horrid, just uncomfortable. You will have a nurse to hold ur hand and talk to u throughout. Your lower area will be covered with a sheet to help with your dignity lol!!! And it doesn't take very long. If yours is a see and do hospital, if they see anything bad they will ask you if they can perform a LLETZ/loop on you where they will give u a LA  then cut the bad cells out. This is a much more common procedure than u think. 6 of the ladies in the small school I work in have had this procedure.

good luck xxx dons

bless you thank you for your reply.i think i will be alot happier when tomorrow is over and done with. i am slightly worried, but i think that is the unknown. how long does it take? how are you know? it is bloody hard being a women.x


thank you dons, i know this sounds silly but i happy a sheet will cover, out of sight, out of mind.hehe. I hae had regular smear tests never missed one. i hae had a couple come back abnormal before, but never had to go and have anything done about it. Do you think i am silly wanting to go on my own? I think i am trying to be brave and not to worry my husband. he did say he would come with me, however i said not it fine. x

I had hubbie there and I'm glad he was as he felt involved. Saved going through the details later but that's just me. He has been with me to every appointment. You're not silly, u do what's best for u. It's nothing he couldn't be part of if he changes mind. He'll be up the head end lol!!! 

Try not to worry, it's not very dignified being a lady with your legs wide apart but it's not painful.

xxx dons

i have just got my period again..... i have rung the hospital and they said come in and if it is to heavy then they will re-book. i hope they dont have to.arhhhhh xx



When I got my letter about my colposcopy they recommended taking someone with you. I hadn’t planned too but was glad I did as I don’t think I’d have wanted to drive after. My hubby didn’t come in the room, he waited outside ( tho I nearly went out the wrong door, was very close to flashing the entire waiting room!).

I was glad he was there in the end after insisting I didn’t need him so if you have someone who can go please let them. But if you have to go on your own I’m sure you will be fine too!

The colposcopy itself is fine, please don’t worry about it, it doesn’t hurt.

Just try not to flash your bum like I did :slight_smile:

Good luck for tomorrow

Ali x

I didn't take my boyfriend in with me but did take him to the appointment (he waited for me in the waiting room) and he was a godsend for when I was nervous in the waiting room before hand x

Ali- very nice! ;-)

good luck today marlie xxx


Hope it goes well for you today x

In terms of how long it took - mine was definitely the exception: the nurse couldn't find the instrument they needed for the biopsies
and ended up wandering off to find it, leaving me with legs akimbo chatting away to the doc about holidays -
for ages! Once she found it and came back, it took minutes. So funny - the doc was definitely more embarrassed than me ;-)
I bled very slightly for a week after, had usual period cramps for about two days after but the only thing which
caused me any pain during the procedure was the speculem - it was on the large side!