Colposcopy tomorrow

Hello ladies,

I’m new here…

Going for my first colposcopy tomorrow morning… (Feel like I might be about to come on period though) . I got my smear results early January which where low grade with evidence of HPV … Wondering if they will tell me what strain of high risk HPV I have ? (NHS)

Also I’ve had thrush and bv for months will this affect them doing the colposcopy?

Finding it all very stressful and difficult to accept.
This site has made me feel a little less alone.

Hugs and kisses to you all x x x


I'm under 30 so unfortulaely they did not tested me for HPV. I will demand it when I see doctor next time (I hope indurance covers it when you are 30 that year but not not yet due to the month!)

My colpo was scary, I was emotional and felt pressure and pain when doctor was taking a huge chunk of tissue in places I never felt before! It will all depend on how much tissue is taken. Some people don't feel much, some feel pain.

Hi Vicky

Im under 30 too.. Think they do it depending on the grade of abnormality and where people live.

Had colposcopy today.. Got abit emotional and was a little uncomfortable but was over quite quick.

X x x