Colposcopy today and have period


I was referred by gp for colposcopy following an examination. I had gone to gp's originally for incontinence problems. She did an internal examination and said my cervix looked abnormal and the area was quite large. She asked me if anyone had told me this before I said no. Last smear I think came back borderline but hpv test negative so went back to 3 yearly tests. Needless to say was not expecting gp to say this so felt upset and shocked. She told me not to worry as most times its nothing but I wld be offered appointment in nxt 2 weeks. Havent had any other symptoms such as bleeding in between periods or bleeding after sex but do gets lots of watery discharge inbetween (enough sometimes to feel like I have wet myself and need to wear panty liners) which has a strong smell but thought it was due to ovulation? Could I be mistaken and this is a symptom?

Referral from gp originally went to general gynea clinic - they looked at referral & recommended colposcopy. 

I've had to look up what this is as not been sent any further info?

Appointment is this aft but have period. They have said to come in anyway and if they cant see what they need to coz of bleeding they will re-schedule but at least I can chat to nurse about what exactly the gp saw etc. 

When I mentioned period the receptionist said 'I think they want to see you as soon as possible'  I am feeling very anxious & scared as no idea really what gp saw as referral hasnt come from smear test result so am really worried. I'm also not looking forward to being examined while bleeding a lot. I feel so upset. 

Has anyone else had this experience? 



Hi Em, did you go to the appt?

Hipe you are feeling OK? Have you been given any follow up?

I've had a smear test done whilst bleeding so do sympathise. 

Hi Em

Hope your appointment went well.



I hope your appointment went ok xxx