Colposcopy results

Hi everyone, 

So I rang up my hospital for my colposcopy LLETZ results a couple of weeks ago and they told me that in my results no CIN was found. They explained that because of the discrpency between my smear results and my LLETZ results had to go to a mismatched meeting. This meeting was being held on the 10th Feb. Just wondering if any one else has had this happen to them and what was the end result. The person said on the phone it could be a possibility that my smear results were not as bad as 1st thought or maybe when I had my colposcopy they didn't go deep enough into the tissue to retrieve the cells. Just don't want anything serious to have been missed thats all.

Thanks in advance for reading.


Yes I have recently had lletz treatment. The result came back normal but the smear was Cin 3. They also discussed the results in an mdt. They can do another smear in 4-6 months after the lletz treatment.