Colposcopy results waiting and worrying

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has any tips for waiting on results? I had my first colposcopy at the start of this month and was told the results would likely be 6-8 weeks. I am currently just going in circles. I worry, then I feel silly for getting worked up, then back to worrying again.

Wishing I had asked more questions at the colposcopy - gynaecologist did make a bit of a face when I told him about bleeding outside of my periods. I did get the vaccine as a teen but not sure what strain of HPV I have.

I’m trying to just keep busy, but the wait is getting to me

Hey @Miriam3 I totally understand the worry you get from waiting for results! The only thing I can advise is that if anything is wrong you’ll get sorted! I got my results within 2 weeks even though they said 4-6 weeks!

I’m now waiting for my results off the back of my LLETZ and I’m 3 weeks in and it’s driving me insane haha, so I totally get your worry as I’m also going through the wave of emotions! I just keep telling myself It’s out of my control and I’ve done all I can in terms of getting checked etc

Sending positive thoughts and I hope you get your results soon! :crossed_fingers:t4:

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Hey @Alexarmac thank you for the kind words! Wishing you all the best for your results!

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Hi, I’m in the same situation as you, had my colposcopy at the start of march, been waiting and waiting for the results, one of the nurses in the room made a face, I did ask a few questions but got given the basic answers like “it’s nothing to worry about” and “it’s routine precaution”. The reason for me having it in the first place was I had a smear and it came back positive for HPV (I’ve been single since my daughter was 1, she’s now 13!) so I had to wait a year then go for another smear, this time it was still positive for HPV but also low grade dyskaryosis. I’ve read it can be dormant for up to 10 years, so no idea who I got it from! Didn’t have the vaccine available to me when I was younger! Wish it was now! I’ve been doing the same as you worrying, then I forget about it for a bit and concentrate on my daughter who’s just chosen her options subjects for year 9 in September! She’s very arty so she’s gone for photography aswell as Art. This has distracted me a bit, but then you get moments in the day or night when you remember…the post has been very hit and miss around here lately too!! I wish they could do phone calls instead of sending letters, mines probably lost or sitting in some sorting office somewhere and not getting sent out!
It’s very frustrating! So I feel your pain X I’m also job hunting too and this is extremely stressful, as I’m a bit apprehensive about applying incase I get a diagnosis that means I’ll need treatment that will impact on my ability to work!!

At least I’m not working this Easter weekend so I’m going to try and enjoy that with my daughter!
Hope we get our results soon! Hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend too xx


Hi @olive10 thank you for the response! I have followed your lead this weekend and spent some time with loved ones to avoid the worrying, I think this is the way forward.

Good luck with the job hunting! I understand the apprehension, as I’m starting a new job in a couple of weeks, but you shouldn’t feel guilty for having any time off!